What should i buy in london

what should i buy in london

26 Things You Can Only Buy in London

Dec 28,  · 26 Things You Can Only Buy in London. 1. An Umbrella from the James Smith & Sons. An Umbrella from the James Smith & Sons. England is famous for its constant drizzle and grey weather so 2. Hampers from Fortnum & Mason. 3. Tea Whittard and Twinings. 4. Pick Up Some Biscuits to Go with Your Tea!. London Distilled Gin. London is a great producer of Gin, so of course, it’s one of the most popular souvenirs to buy. Beefeater is one of the most bought gin brands among tourist in London, but personally, I think it’s a bit boring since you can buy it worldwide. I recommend buying a bottle of Jensen’s instead.

London is the second-most visited city in the world, and so unsurprisingly there are whatt lot of souvenirs. Some of it can be quaint, but much of it is the same: cheap, cheerful, and mass-produced. A perfect umbrella for a drizzly season. Whah they are wbat of the U. Pick up a rare record in-store. They have great brushes used for wallpapering and other types of decorating. But they double up well as brushes to dust flour off of pastry or a countertop. It can get crowded, so either come what are the sacraments of the anglican church to feel less what should i buy in london or late for the bargains.

You can eat dinner at Hounslow Lahori Karahipick up sweets from Poonamsor walk through the Himalaya Palace shopping center to find beautiful jewelry and fabrics. A set of traditional painted glass bangles make a delightful and affordable gift. I find it whenever I pop into Summerhill and Bishopa shop in Notting Hill that sells stunning tableware, hand-painted linen, and one-off porcelain pieces. Visitors looking for something a bit different might try Cecil Courta picturesque Victorian lane just minutes from Leicester Square.

There is something here for every price bracket. Already a subscriber? Log in o link your magazine subscription. Account Profile. Sign Out. Antiquarian shopping awaits on Cecil Court. Tags: travel the urbanist the urbanist: london souvenirs lindon england More.

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London Souvenir Christmas Ornament Christmas ornaments are popular things to buy in London. They are also a popular souvenir for any traveler to bring home. When decorating the tree each year, they evoke strong memories of trips gone by and fuel that wanderlust for more adventures.

Categories London , United Kingdom. Taking unique gifts and souvenirs home that you can only buy in London will remind you of your trip in years to come. I have put together a list that covers a wide range of gifts with prices to suit all budgets.

England is famous for its constant drizzle and grey weather so there is no surprise there is a shop dedicated to umbrellas. Disclaimer: Hi! If you click on one and buy something, I may earn a commission, see my Affiliate Disclosure for more details. What better way to keep yourself dry than an iconic London umbrella? They still use traditional methods to create these long-lasting umbrellas. My two picks are:.

Later turned into a grocery store then they introduced their famous hampers. As the hampers can be quite big, bringing one of these home will depend on how much luggage space you have or delectable treat you choose. Their tea hampers are always my go-to gift but they have a whole range of products that you can choose from. See their latest hamper selection here. A lovely friend did this for my 30th birthday and it was such a great gift. The English love their tea and there is no better classic souvenir than this.

Whittard and Twinings are the brands I would recommend. From traditional British tea to an assortment of flavours there a tea flavour for you. There is nothing better than a cold winters night with a good hot chocolate. The shops can be found around London and are a great thing to buy when you are in London. The Brits love to have a good biscuit with their cuppa.

Luckily you can pick up some of the classics for a cheap price. The best packets to pick up are:. Head to one of the supermarkets like Tesco, Sainsbury, Marks and Spencer and Waitrose which will have plenty of these biscuits in stock.

Chances are you are going to end up buying one of these whilst you are in London! As someone that loves trying to create bullet journals, this is a super cool souvenir! You can buy these online, however, there is a big chance that you will stop by Big Ben while visiting London.

On a budget, the canvas bag or lock keyring is a perfect London souvenir. Make your way into Olivanders to choose your wand or walk down the hallways and pick up some school uniforms. Primark is another good spot to pick up Potter merchandise at a cheaper price. Have extra time in London? Look at visiting Harry Potter Studio where you can pick up as many HP souvenirs as your heart desires. I love their unique, colourful and witty prints. Cath Kidston has some cute luggage accessories my favourite pick is this luggage tag.

In central London, you will find tons of these shops! Here are some ideas of things to buy:. Add a bit of British flair to your living spaces by getting a Union Jack decorative pillow.

Buckingham Palace has an official gift shop offering a massive range of palace gifts. You can even pick up Cuddly Corgi which is an animal most famously associated with Her Majesty The Queen and their favourite breed of dog in the Royal Family since Alternatively, Transport for London is a great gift, the London Transport Museum will have lots of transport themed things to choose from.

Museums will always have gift shops, and while they have predictable souvenirs you can also pick up some other cool things. My favourite is the Wildlife Photographer of the year merchandise as the photos make amazing prints! These are available in the National History Museum. There are plenty of distilleries to explore in London, you will find that some are right in the heart of the city and others a bit further out.

Liberty Department Store opened its doors in and has become a London institution. Famous for their fashion, interiors and luxury goods as well as their in-house range of fabrics and textiles. Those that love sewing and quilting will be in heaven here! Buy some of their famous fabrics to make a beautiful dress, skirt, top or a lovely memory to a quilt.

Near Baker Street Station you will find the London Beatles Store which will sell everything from postcards to original Beatles tour programmes. Head to the famous Portobello Road Market in Notting Hill to pick up a unique antique glass, cutlery silverware or old books. Columbia Road Flower Market is one of my favourite weekend markets, head there on a Sunday and explore the beautiful plants and flowers.

Just to get in a bit of history as well the market has been there since the s. Check that your country allows you to bring back plant items as some countries like Australia will confiscate these off you. Watch the YouTube video here. Why not get a football scarf from some of the most famous teams in the world like Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal and Chelsea. You can either visit the merchandise stores likes Arsenal or Chelsea as they are London based teams or head to one of the many of the souvenir shops on New Oxford Street or Piccadilly Circus.

Penhaligons is a British perfume house and has the cutest little gift sets for both men and women. Perfect for those who like to travel with hand luggage only or on a quick European adventure. My top picks are:. They have built a reputation as a luxury bath, body and beauty specialist. As a jet setter, I love having little bottles of things to fit into my hand luggage and Molton Brown has the perfect little refined wanderer drawstring travel pouch to take travelling with you.

There are decadent versions with champagne, prosecco or a touch of spirits. Personally, I prefer soda water instead of Sprite as I struggle with sweetness. The classic tales of Paddington Bear are iconic to London and a perfect gift for small children. Drop by the Paddington Bear shop at Paddington Station which has stuffed toys as well as other merchandise like key rings, mugs, T-shirts, videos and the famous Paddington books.

For a free souvenir head to platform one, where you can pose for a selfie with the bronze Paddington Bear statue under the clock. If you happen to be in London around Christmas, which is totally magical by the way, stop by one of the cute little market stores or a department store and pick up a famous icon.

Like this cute little set from Not on the High Street. London is famously associated with afternoon tea, why not recreate it at home with a traditional tea set from London. There are several places where you can go shopping for teapots in London and I recommend having a look at:.

Craft Foxy Markets is another place I love to visit. They move location so check their next location and dates here. To make your buying experience a little easier I have marked up all the stores mentioned above and tried to find an appropriate icon to match! Click here for the map. This is just a selection of things that can only be bought in London.

Let me know in the comments below what you bought in London or any other original things you can only buy in London! There are so many great things you can buy in England, I have a whole list on England as well! So many memories Kat! I find fantastic high quality treasures in the museum shops not expensive and I bought some lovely Xmas ornaments in an independent shop in Hampstead Heath, also goodies from John Keats House also at Hampstead Heath for literary fans. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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Authentic English Souvenirs. Natural History Museum Merchandise. Flowers from Columbia Road Flower Market. Not scarfs but it is Arsenal Football Stadium! Kat and Paddington Bear. Read More. Carolyn Hunt Thursday 13th of June Kat Friday 14th of June Search Search for:.

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