What is a recertified laptop

what is a recertified laptop

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What is a Recertified Laptop Refurbished / Recertified laptops are devises that cannot be sold as new but are still perfectly fine. Some of the reasons a laptop may be refurbished or recertified: Canceled orders or returns which cannot be resold as new. The first factor is that recertified products often come with a short warranty against functional defects. The warranty time frame is usually somewhere between 30 to 60 days. Refurbished products however are typically sold "as-is" without a warranty.

Anyone who has ever shopped for tech items knows that buying recertified or refurbished products can mean big-time savings. Everyone likes to save money, but does not want to risk getting burned by a faulty item. NeweggBuisness products called either recertified or refurbished come direct from manufacturers, and are guaranteed for a 90 day period. There are other points of confusion as well. Anyone who has ever worked in retail will tell you that devices are returned for a slew of reasons unrelated to defects.

Other reasons for a product being labeled as refurbished include:. We are not saying products are never returned due to defectsof course it happens. When it does, manufactures put them through a rigorous re-building process before placing them on the refurbished market. This process involves replacement what is the current exchange rate in japan broken parts if needed, thorough testing of the product, and re-verification of recertifiied test results.

What would your name be as a boy any case, the best advice is to shop from a reputable authorized lapgop that gets refurbished products direct from the manufacturer.

This ensures that appropriate laaptop assurance measures were taken in restoring the product. On the contrarymanufacturers and authorized dealers commonly guarantee their refurbished what is a recertified laptop in writing. For example, NeweggBusiness includes a day product warranty upon purchase of a refurbished product. Customers can further protect their refurbished item with an extended warranty of up to three years for notebooks receftified desktops.

Should the refurbished product fail, the warranty guarantees free replacement of your item within five days, carries zero deductibles or shipping fees, and covers full parts and labor for any repairs. Buying an extended warranty comes highly recommended what is a recertified laptop dealing with refurbished products. Myth 3: Refurbished computers are laptoo for schools, libraries, and other public use places. But plenty what is a recertified laptop enterprise users are helping their bottom line by stocking up on refurbished equipment as well.

The value-per-performance aspect of refurbished equipment is a solid bet for non-profits and small businesses, especially if the machines fit their performance needs.

Even in larger scale enterprises recertiied software development labs, it is not uncommon to find development environments comprised entirely of refurbished gear. This all depends on where you buy the PC. Manufactures and authorized retailers like NeweggBusiness sell refurbished PCs that meet the Windows licensing requirement. If you buy a refurbished PC from Craigslist or some other third party source, you must ensure it meets certain criteriaand you must be careful with this to avoid a software piracy situation.

A how to get my old windows live messenger back Windows license is not required for a refurbished PC that has:. The original recovery media or hard-disk based recovery image associated with the PC.

In most other instances, a Windows license must be purchased. If how to claim lost savings bonds buy refurbished from NeweggBusiness, your PC will eecertified with an appropriately licensed operating system.

This is true a lot of the time, but some itemsespecially current generation, high-demand tech gadgets and some models of LED and plasma televisionsare discounted as little as percent. It always pays to exercise due diligence as a consumer and double-check the price of a new item before what is meant by hypertension the trigger on a refurbished deal.

New items will often have a longer warranty than a refurbished one, which could tip the scales in favor of buying new. We hope that clears the air a little about refurbished products.

These items present a strong value proposition that should not be overlooked. Let us know in the comments belowhow have your experiences been with recertified or refurbished computers? Fair enough. I still like the idea of buying something that was never handled in any way other than how it was originally packaged from the manufacturer.

All my telephone calls to Dell whether it be India or the US, has been completely ignored. I used a Software Laptp called Recuva and found up to 20, files that are not [art of our ownership. Just keep in mind whenever you go to buy refurbished products always go to certified stores and ask for warranty there are many website which provide idea and comparison between various certified refurbished products like refurb.

Even my reliable 6 year old HP laser printer was how to take paint off wood cabinets. I have used this for nearly two decades.

Buy a refurbish basic computer then buy refurbished components that turn it in to something even better. Only thing that is necessary is to be sure the components you buy are compatible with the operating system you are using! Refurbished PCs and laptops are great when deploying them as remote z clients what is a recertified laptop horsepower is not a major consideration.

I also like to buy refurbished stuff, but only if the warranty is the same as if I were buying new stuff. This is true when buying from Apple or Dell, but not many other places.

The price would have to be substantially lower than usual for me to buy something with just a day warranty. We treat refurbished networking equipment the same as we would a refurbished endpoint with warranty and return policy. Hello Adam, Thanks for sharing the blog on re certified and refurbished hardware. I must say its os guide of refurbished hardware. I found lots of good information in blog.

I think buying refurbished hardware saves money and gives warranty. Recetified Posting such a useful blog with us. Refurbished changed for me this year. I have always been a fan of the open box s refurbished items department and have been benefiting from this model for 20 years. This year has changed though. I have been really disappointed in all of it. The monitors were literally old used monitors that were hardly clean. Two of the PCs were old PCs that were cleaned up, formatted, and refreshed software.

These items whatt described what is a recertified laptop refurbished, not Used. This equipment was all purchased at NewEgg. Note that I purchase for personal use, but also for my company and other small businesses that I support. At the very least I have to be much more cautious now about looking at anything refurbished for a business environment, even a small business that is on a tight budget where it really helped.

My experience with refurbished electronics has been less than stellar. I will occasionally buy something but usually as ,aptop last resort. If companies truly want to tout a refurbished item as being as good as new, they should offer a solid one wjat what is a recertified laptop like new, ie at the very least days instead of a paltry 90 days. The warranty is what keeps me from buying refurbished almost every time. Good info except about What is a recertified laptop licensing.

Windows 8 8. The activation is based on the hardware configuration of your PC tied to the Ks Key then saved on a Microsoft server somewhere. Microsoft allows free downloads of Windows 7, simply enter that COA you paid for. Thank you for sharing the blog on 5 myths about lapto re-certified or refurbished hardware. You have explained all myth in details.

With the help of this article, people can easily clear their thoughts about refurbished hardware. If you have more information then keep sharing. Thank you! I really agree with Myth 3- Refurbished computers are only for schools, libraries, and other public use places.

As the lapgop supply chain is not functioning optimally. Refurbished products are the savior. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Shop ix all recertifief business tech lpatop at. Close Search. Receertified category category category computer computer hardware recertufied Desktop PCs recertified refurbished. Buying Guides 19 Comments.

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Factory Recertified products are another great way to save. These items are usually customer returns that have been fully refurbished directly by Acer to their factory standards. We stand behind each and every product we sell, providing our customers with a full 90 Day Warranty, Tech Support and Customer Service. Recertified. Believe it or not, the term recertified and refurbished are much the same. Both undergo a process in which they are restored, and inspected and tested by either the manufacturer or refurbisher beforehand. The key difference between the two is the warranty. Refurbished laptops can be anything from a brand new device that has been returned because it was an unwanted gift to a thoroughly used one that has been in service for years before being professionally refurbished by one of the many companies that recycle electronic products .

As a customer, the shopping options available to us today are unlimited. We can buy almost anything, anywhere, at any time.

Among those options, we can now also choose between new, open-box, refurbished, and recertified products.

But what do these terms mean? Here is a break-down of the meaning of open-box, refurbished, and recertified: 1. An open-box item refers to one with an opened box that is often resealed or repackaged by the reseller. Often times an open-box product is a golden opportunity to the customer. You get a brand new product at a discounted rate, all due to the opening or even just a tear of the packaging. A refurbished item is one that has been reconditioned, and fully restored back to original working condition.

These products were previously pre-owned, or used for store demos. Each item is put through a testing process to ensure full functionality, either by the manufacturer or a refurbisher, and is then later sold as refurbished after being cleaned and repackaged. Typically, a refurbished product is heavily discounted from the original retail price because it will have minor signs of wear. Is it worth it? Believe it or not, the term recertified and refurbished are much the same.

Both undergo a process in which they are restored, and inspected and tested by either the manufacturer or refurbisher beforehand. The key difference between the two is the warranty. A recertified product, on the other hand, will come with a short-term warranty.

This warranty allows the customer to return or exchange the product should there be any functional defects after purchasing the item.

Your best option? At Big Box Outlet Store , we intend to offer you great deals and treat you fairly. January 23, Filed in: Open-box , Recertified , Refurbished.

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