What does comme ca mean in french

what does comme ca mean in french

Ca Va: The All-purpose French Expression and How to Use It Like a Pro Pastry Chef

See Also in French. comme ci comme ca adverb. so so, middling, so-so. pas comme ca adverb. not like this, not like that, not so. et comme ca adverb. Comme ci, comme ca is a French phrase that literally means like this, like that. In conversation it means so-so, or neither good, nor bad. It is pronounced / kom ?se kom?sa/ (come see come saw). It should be used with the comma separating the two phrases. Sometimes the phrase is spelled comme ci, comme ca, where the cedilla mark is omitted; however, this is incorrect.

Even if you have unsavory memories of learning the language in schoolperhaps traumatic enough to cause a kind of amnesiaI bet you still how to get away with murder youtube these two little words. I promise that by the end of this article, you will have rekindled your relationship with this word! Download: This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you can take anywhere.

Click here to get a copy. You are insert age here years old and just trying to doess it through life let alone another French class. Many language teachers do not go into detail about literal translations, which can sometimes be a good reference point to start with. This expression is most commonly used to frenhc how someone is doing, even if you are dles necessarily expecting or wanting a reply.

Hi, how are you? Now that commr have asked how someone is, or as in the above example, somebody has just asked you; you are going to need to know how to reply. To strengthen this feeling or make it more emphaticyou can add a positive adverb such as bien well. The truth is that while understandable to francophones, this is not the well-used expression anglophones think it is.

We are close friends i. Whether you are too tired the next day after foes exhausting trouser shopping spree or are genuinely feeling a bit under the weatherthere are two nifty expressions you can use to express this, especially if you need to call out of work:.

I think I have gastroenteritis. Is it okay if I buy this car? I want to go there tonightis that alright? Is it alright if I sit there? Can I eat the leftover sandwichis that okay? You can of course alter the meaning to say that something will happen in a negative sense using mal badly as we have encountered before:. As much importance as French places on agreement, this is one situation when learners can happily throw the rulebook out the window.

So, if there is a whole group of frecnh at a party and you want to ask how all of them are doing, you can walk in and say:. Notice that les gars is plural, but the verb does not conjugate to agree with this. Jean has played another trick on Pierre.

Things are going to get heated. But, this frsnch takes it one step further in your French learning. With this what does comme ca mean in french usage, you are going beyond studying grammatical constructions to actually using the language naturallyas in using everyday expressions that doee you closer to proficiency. There are times when someone is being hypocritical and not in a position to justify what they are saying.

Maybe your doss is always making fun of how tasteless your baking what does comme ca mean in french when they cannot even bake how to prevent smelly feet Notice this is exactly the same turn of what level does haunter evolve in pokemon yellow as in the point about fashion.

It is all about the way you say it here. Now that you are aware of the ways that it is used, you will likely start hearing it as you encounter French being spoken by native French speakers. An excellent way to what does comme ca mean in french yourself da opportunity is to access the thousands of authentic French videos on FluentU. FluentU takes real-world videoslike music videos, movie trailers, news and inspiring talksand turns them ocmme personalized language learning lessons. FluentU is not just about watching videos, though.

It is about learning and actively practicing the language you in hear in the videos with the help of interactive subtitles, flashcards and vocabulary lists.

Imagine how good you will feel when doss discover additional uses! It is actually easier to use this expression correctly than not. Sophie McDonald is a freelance content writer with a burning passion for writing and languages. You can find frwnch Twitter page here where she will most likely be talking about writing and languages. Fdench you liked this post, ahat tells me that you'll love FluentU, the best way what type of taxes are there learn French with real-world videos.

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1. (comparaison) like Il est comme son pere. Hes like his father. Je voudrais un manteau comme celui de la photo. Feb 11, valeriechicago. 1 decade ago. continue comme ca it's an likeloveus.com't change anything you are on the good way. Source (s): I'm french. Sweetsunshine. 1 decade ago. 'comme ca'. English: do . Mar 18, Comme is a French subordinating conjunction meaning "as" or "since": Il est arrive comme je commencais a manger. Translation: He arrived as I was starting to eat. Comme il n'est pas la, je vais le faire. Translation: Since he's not here, I'm going to do it. Comme is commonly used in comparisons to mean "like" or "as".

There will be no changes to other Yahoo properties or services, or your Yahoo account. You can find more information about the Yahoo Answers shutdown and how to download your data on this help page. My friend is french and i study french in school but i'm not sure about this sentence..

Thanks for any help :. It's a very common expression in French, meaning "just like that. It exactly means like that, or that way. Good thing he's a friend though, because if you say that same sentence with a menacing tone, and it would mean something else altogether Trending News.

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