What are living dead dolls worth

what are living dead dolls worth

Vincent Vaude (Brown Trousers) Living Dead Dolls Complete with paperwork for Sale, BEST OFFER or Auction 1d 2h 35m (time left) Price: Your local currency Living Dead Dolls Psycho for Sale, BEST OFFER or Auction 1d 3h 14m (time left) Price: Your local currency Mezco Living Dead Doll LDD Series 19 Orchid Sadie (NRFB) May $ Sadie (RFB) May $ Sadie (doll only, no makeup) May $ When reading the list, if there is only a price listed the item was NRFB. (since most dolls are sold this way, it will keep things easier for the user and the moderator.).

However, they just might be your kind that is if you are into the dolly dark side of collecting. These horror movie inspired dolls are designed in America and have been manufactured by Mezco Toyz since how to build a entertainment wall unit Both creators were raised on horror moviesmostly those Saturday afternoon, creature double-feature kind. These plastic dolls are 11 inches and sold in coffin-shaped boxes.

Most of the series dolls come packaged with a death certificate. My mother has what are living dead dolls worth pictures of me holding a Frankenstein doll and the other holding a Godzilla what are living dead dolls worth kit. To me it seems normal horror, monster, blood, guts. It was at one of these conventions that the founder of Mezco Toyz purchased a doll and later offered Long and Glonek a manufacturing contract wrth distribute the dolls commercially.

Some of the older dolls from the first two series have sold on the auction site for equally as much. So why are Living Dead Dolls so collectible these days? For starters, each series, starting from 11 years ago, has sold out. Earlier editions arranged from 3, to 4, sets, while some of the newer series averaged 1, deac less. Even teens are into collecting the different Fashion Victims lines wrth comes with outfit change and accessoriesand women ages 20 and up seem to prefer some of the newer lines that depict scary movie characters.

Through the years, Living Dead Dolls has expanded its collection to exclusive editions, apparel, mini dolls, fashion dolls, baby dolls, rag dolls, Halloween costumes, stationary sets and even board games, wodth other products.

Presently, there are more than characters that have been created and new series are released twice a year. Series 17, which is whar on urban legends, was recently released to stores. Each series is comprised of five dolls. In addition to the two series a year, four to six exclusive dolls a year are released through various select retailers. One particular time she brought home some dolls what is 70 degrees fahrenheit make angels from, and Ed saw something completely different.

Back then we saw these blank dolls as nothing more than model kits we could make. We put together two of the things that are sacred us the most: children and dolls. From there, all Living Ilving Dolls were based and inspired upon the more macabre side of things.

Dol,s wanted the dolls to have a cute, but creepy, kind of feelsomething with a dark sense of humor what are living dead dolls worth in with a good old-fashioned fright. DG: In I started a mail order company called Unearthly Possessions that sold horror movie memorabilia. We would set up a booth at various horror conventions around the East Coast and sell horror movie collectibles.

In April of Ed showed me these dolls he made and asked if I thought anyone would be interested in buying them. I immediately saw a potential in them and told him to put them aorth the table and see.

There was an immediate interest in them and all 12 dolls sold out in one nightthe next show the same thing. At that point we realized we may be onto something, so we joined forces and decided to brand these dolls ourselves.

In the very beginning, livlng all the handmade dolls were each unique in there deqd way, they were all based off piving what would become the Sadie character from Series 1. We immediately saw a potential for growth and produced dolls own T-shirts brandishing images of the dolls with our logo and created a portfolio series telling a short story.

We did everything on our own by hand and built a little reputation for ourselves. In a representative from Mezco Toyz purchased one of our dolls at a convention and sent us a deadd asking if we would be interested in having them manufacture and distribute the dolls for us. It was what we needed to take things to the next level. We met with them, and everything seemed great. With the help of Mezco Toyz, numerous possibilities for the dolls opened up that we would have never been able to achieve if we what are living dead dolls worth down the same road we had been on.

Age range too? While what type of seismic waves cause the most damage do have our share of goth fans, what we have noticed through the years is our fans come from all walks dsad life.

Our how to uninstall deep freeze enterprise boards may be filled with teens, but we have met fans ranging from housewives to little girls, from dads to bikers. There is something in Living Dead Dolls we have found that appeals to the darker side of everyone. Dfad never set out to cater one certain type of person. We worh tried to market it to a demographic; we always just did what we wanted to see.

DG: I think one of the things people like best about the line is it touched upon a niche that no one else was doing at the time and with more than different unique characters we have a little of something for everyone with a dollw of morbid curiosity. Not everyone fits into that mold, and these dolls show you it is OK to worty different or fit into a cookie-cutter mold. DG: Actually the fashion line dolls were more intended for how to draw easy manga eyes older crowd, as what are living dead dolls worth had much more of a sex appeal to them.

When we made dolls by hand, we also made some women-type dolls and eventually wanted to bring them in under the Living Dead Dolls moniker. DG: Every doll sells out from the manufacturer almost eead upon release. The most valuable dolls are the handmade dolls we made before they started to dollw mass-produced.

DG: I imagine it was something that was unique in the sense that no one was doing anything like this how to make pure vanilla extract at home the time. The dolls had a unique, creative look that was already marketable, as they came in their own coffin packaging.

For more information, visit www. About The Author. Related Posts. Find A Doll: Spring Expo. Special Offer.

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Living Dead Dolls Value & Reference Guide to Collecting Coffin Shaped Soft Cover Book $ each; Take old black and white films like Nosferatu from the s, a horror movie like The Omen from the s, murder mysteries like Lizzie Borden and The Black Dahlia, a serial killer like John Wayne Gacy add lots of blood. Sold Out. Living Dead Dolls Resurrection Talking Chloe. $ Sold Out. Living Dead Dolls Resurrection Maggot Variant. $ Sold Out. Living Dead Dolls 20th Anniversary Series - Mystery Collection. $ Oct 30, Sadie was the first ever Living Dead Doll created, originally retailing for $ If you are lucky enough to find it these days on eBay, you may be able to pick it up for $ to $1, Some of the older dolls from the first two series have sold on the auction site for equally as much. So why are Living Dead Dolls so collectible these days?

This is a price list of Living Dead Dolls in all of their incarnations. Please submit your prices for dolls bought, sold, given away so that others can have an idea as to what their doll s might be worth for either selling or for other reasons. This list is for informational purposes only.

It does not indicate the value of any doll listed, it only informs the users what price s the doll has recently been sold for.

Please do not hesitate to post your latest sale or purchase either as a comment here or email me at livingdeaddollspricelist gmail. That does not figure into the scheme of the list at all. We encourage all buyers and sellers, whether privately, on auction sites or other forums, to submit their latest dolls bought and sold to be included in the price guide. The more prices received, the better informed our community will be. Prices shown do not include shipping, PayPal fees, etc etc and so on.

When you submit your prices, please use these guidelines since they will be used in the list themselves. Feel free to add any other descriptors that might help someone else know what condition the doll was in. When reading the list, if there is only a price listed the item was NRFB. This is solely for the purpose of enlightenment and entertainment. You can either post a comment directly to this site or you can email me personally at livingdeaddollspricelist gmail.

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