How to winterize a house vacant

how to winterize a house vacant

How To Winterize A Mobile Home That Is Vacant: Quick Start Guide

Whether you’re flying the coop for the whole winter or taking a long holiday vacation, it’s important to winterize your vacant home before you leave. If you don’t take precautions, you could end up coming home to some serious and expensive damage. You can follow the same steps from above when winterizing a vacant house. Since you will not be in the house, you can further Winterize it compared to people who are living in an occupied house that is being Winterized. If you live in a house and want to Winterize it you can’t turn down the furnace to You would freeze your butt off!

Despite being an inanimate object made up of wood, metal, glass, plastic, etc. Winterizing your mobile home can actually save you money in the long run. If you take reasonable steps to prevent damage, you may keep yourself from having to pay for problems after they occur. How to winterize a mobile home that is vacant vs. Why is this? Flushing toilets is an important part of everyday life in your home. However, if the home is empty, you no longer need to be able to flush toilets or houae the shower.

Even though no one will be living in the mobile home, there are still some steps you can take to prepare it for the cold weather. Water expands when it freezes. Thus, it makes sense that if water freezes and expands in your pipes, your pipes could rupture. This is why you want to drain your pipes before you leave. Turn off your water at the source. This could include running your:. On top of this, drain any water tanks, like your hot water heater.

Also, turn the power off to the hot water heater because leaving it empty of water but still on could damage it. Taking care of toilets Next up in the house — the toilets. So, hold down the toilet jouse until the water has drained out. Flush after pouring it in so it gets through the toilet and pipes. However, 50 degrees Fahrenheit is usually a safe ohuse.

Be sure to unplug all electronic devices and appliances. How to winterize a house vacant make sure you leave the power how to winterize a house vacant to your thermostat. Unattach, drain, and store the hose. Another area to consider is your gutters. Clean debris and leaves out of your gutters before you start getting major rain or snow.

This can help you avoid ice buildup and prevent leaking in the house. Before you close up the home for the cold season, why what is map in java with example work on some of those waiting projects? Check out our mobile home repair guide to get started or our winterize on a budget article for those looking to save some money this season.

So how to winterize a house vacant question today is whether or not mobile home attachments affect resale value. An attachment can be a garage, a You may have noticed that some housr homes have attached garages. How does an attached mobile home garage work? Wondering if and how you could If you own a mobile home as an investment, you may find there are times when your home is unoccupied for the winter. Maybe you only live in your mobile home seasonally. Avoid water freezing inside Even though no one will be living in the mobile home, there are still some steps you can take to prepare it for the cold weather.

Gutters Another area to consider is your gutters. Get ready for winter! You May Also Like…. Pin It vacantt Pinterest.

How to Winterize your Vacant Home

Nov 12,  · When thinking about how to winterize a mobile home that is vacant, you’ll want to pay attention to outside hoses. Unattach, drain, and store the hose. And leave the hose hookup open so that water can drain and doesn’t freeze.

If you have a house that's going to be vacant this winter it's important to take winterizing measures, whether it's your summer home or you're leaving your only house for an extended holiday vacation.

Returning to pipes that have burst, cracked woodwork or damaged flooring would be an unhappy -- and expensive -- homecoming. The first, and most important, thing you can do is shut of the water at the main valve, which should be located outside. If you have a well, you can shut it off by turning the breaker to the pump off. Leaving the water lines open when you're not gong to be there for an extended time just encourages a leak or burst pipe when no one will be there to repair it.

While in the summer you want a vacant house to have a higher setting on the thermostat, in the winter you should turn it down to about 60 degrees. Turning it completely off can allow pipes to freeze and break. Placing pipe insulation around your pipes is a good idea whether or not you turn off the water. Insulating your pipes can keep them from bursting during deep winter freezes.

It is easy to install -- just slip it around the pipe and you're done. Turn on two faucets, the one closest to where the water comes into the house and the one furthest from where the water comes in to help drain the water from the pipes and open the shut-off valves. If your water supply comes from a well, drain the pressure tank. Once the pipes have drained as much as they can by opening the valves, you want to blow the rest of the water out of the pipes. This is done by using fittings to connect an air compressor to the water system and blowing through the pipes while opening and closing valves, starting with the furthest one and working to the nearest.

To prevent water from freezing in the house if the thermostat happens to stop working, drain water softeners, systems for water treatment, filters, washing machines, dishwashers and ice makers and toilets. To drain a toilet, shut off the water supply and use a plunger to push the water away through the pipes, flushing slowly to drain the water from the tank.

Add RV antifreeze to the toilets, the bottom of the dishwasher and the bottom of the washing machine. You can turn off the electricity to appliances and other things that are not going to be used while you are gone. However, when you return home make sure that the water heater and other appliances that use water are filled before turning the electricity back on. If you have a boiler, radiant floor heat, heat pump, condensation furnace or air conditioner, it would be a good idea to have an HVAC specialist winterize them.

These systems can have water in them and be a little more complicated than other systems and a plumber may not be familiar with them. Use caulk around the edges of windows and door jams to seal small cracks in the joints, keeping the cold out and the heat in.

Use weather stripping around parts of the windows and doors that open and shut. Winterizing your home takes a little time, but the money it will save in repairs is well worth it. Follow the preceding steps and your chances of returning to a damaged home will be greatly reduced. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

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