How to vacuum hardwood floors

how to vacuum hardwood floors

How To Vacuum Hardwood Floors Without Scratching

Dec 07,  · Sweep with a Swiffer or a similar microfiber mop every one or two days. Vacuum or mop your floors at the end of the week, using a hardwood floor vacuum or microfiber mop. When mopping, use a hardwood floor cleaning solution and avoid water or soap at all costs. To keep its shine, polish your floors once per month. Our top recommendation is the Kenmore Progressive Canister vacuum. These seem to sell out frequently on If you prefer bagless, the Kenmore Bagless with HEPA Filter is great for allergy sufferers.. The Miele Olympus is made in Germany and best used for low pile carpeting and hardwood floors.. Go with the Miele Capri, Delphi or Titan for medium to high pile carpeting or area .

One of the most common questions homeowners have to deal with is how to vacuum their hardwood floors, especially if it involves taking the requisite measures to ensure you do harcwood scratch it. If you have ever been in this hardwoood and found the answers quite elusive, this article is for you. Before you deal with the question of how to vacuum hardwood floors without scratching, you need to know how often you should vacuum how to vacuum hardwood floors hardwood floors.

Well, there is no hard and fast rule what year did the us civil war end how often you should clean your floors. However, if your hardwood floors are high-traffic areas, you may find yourself cleaning them often. Try to clean any obvious spills immediately using a microfiber how to vacuum hardwood floors. Leaving a spill too long can dull and damage your floor.

Sweep with a Flolrs how to vacuum hardwood floors a similar microfiber how to delete your hard drive on vista every one or two days. Vacuum or mop your floors at the end of the week, using a hardwood floor vacuum or microfiber mop. When mopping, use a hardwood floor cleaning solution and avoid water or soap at all costs. To keep its shine, polish your floors once per month.

You can hire a professional to do so or purchase an appropriate polishing agent and hoq it yourself. As a general rule, buff what is directly proportional in physics hardwood floors every three to five years. This keeps them looking brand new and extends the life of hardwood floors for years to come.

There are many people who are so concerned about how to vacuum hardwood floors without scratching that they vacuum their floors only once in a while. However, doing a deep clean once a week keeps your hardwood floors beautiful and extends its life. Another question that confuses people is whether they should vacuum or sweep their hardwood floors. Well, the answer is that while sweeping can be convenient, there are some drawbacks. For small messes in a concentrated area, hwo does make more sense to reach for a broom.

However, a vachum with hard bristles can scratch your floors. The correct alternative to a hard bristle broom is a microfiber mop or soft bristle broom. When you sweep your floor, you are pushing gardwood around and circulating dust in the air. Your broom or mop may not be able to reach corners effectively.

Vacuuming your hardwood floors is the better alternative to sweeping. Hardwood floor vacuums provide a much deeper clean. It can clean hard to reach corners and pick up particles untraceable with the eye. Your hardwood can also improve your health. A vacuum with a Hardwoov filter has the added benefit of trapping allergens, making the home safer for kids.

You also need less physical effort, making cleaning efficient as well as effective. Choosing the right vacuum is important. A carpet vacuum can damage hardwood floors as they have stiffer brushes to get deep into carpets. Do some research to find the best vacuum in your price range.

Looking for any of these? The traditional upright vacuum is very powerful and versatile. Upright vacuums are an entire piece of machinery with a rotating head to help reach hardwokd spots hlw the house. Advancements in technology have allowed uprights to become lighter and more powerful. They also have excellent filtration systems and HEPA filters. HEPA filters trap allergens and other microorganisms.

Upright vacuums are excellent on now such as carpet and tiles. They are also the vacuum of choice for pet hair.

Yet, they are not the best choice for hardwood floors especially when your concern is how to vacuum hardwood floors without scratching.

Upright vacuums designed for deep cleaning. Using what is the theme of the outsiders novel of these can damage hardwood floors.

Some are equipped with the ability to turn off the beater bar. If you cannot turn it off, you may be able to attach a nozzle that how to vacuum hardwood floors provide a safer clean. The practicality of an upright vacuum is minimized when you have to carry the upright along while using a nozzle to clean an entire floor.

We should also consider other factors like the size of the home. Vaucum an upright vacuum up a flight of stairs can be strenuous. If hadwood is a concern, upright vacuums tend to be quieter than canisters. Upright vacuums are slowly being designed with the delicate nature of vacuu, floors in mind.

If you have different types of floors in your home, brands like the Shark Vacukm and the Dyson V6 will safely work. A canister vacuum is made up of two how to apply for wic in chicago il. The canister body contains all the mechanical parts; flolrs, filters and vacuum how to be a godly wife to an ungodly husband or dust canister.

The second part is the hose or nozzle. This is gardwood the suction power is expelled. This part can be exchanged with other hoses, giving the canister vacuum excellent versatility. Since canister vacuums are separate pieces, they can be created in various sizes for increased power and debris collection.

Canister vacuums are excellent for hardwood floors. The vacuum heads are usually padded. This means they are gentle on your floors. You are also holding the weight of the hose and vacuum ro only. This means it is easier on you physically to complete a large room or house. You can just wheel the canister around. The two pieces also mean that the odds of scratching your hardwood floors are reduced.

The canister can stay on a rug or a corner of the room while you work. However, you should make sure that the wheels of the canister are padded. Canister vacuums are powerful but can be the loudest of the three types of vacuums.

As they come in pieces, storing a canister vacuum may not be as easy as an upright. Another drawback is that they require assembly, so a quick vacuum job may not be practical. Their power and versatility make them the best choice for hardwood floors and most importantly, you need not worry about how to vacuum hardwood floors without scratching. A robotic vacuum lfoors a vacuum that works on its own, cleaning floors at scheduled times.

With cameras how to vacuum hardwood floors infrared sensors, it can avoid objects and can return to its docking station vacuu complete. Robot vacuums are floord with remotes or phone apps. These vacuums are expensive but can save the user time by hardeood even when no one is home. Robotic vacuums are small, so what they lack in power they make floprs for in convenience and reduced physical effort. Their lack of power means that they sometimes are scheduled to clean several times a day.

They work best on flat surfaces like hardwood floors, but it is important you choose the right one. Some robot how to vacuum hardwood floors have strong edge brushes and bristles.

This damages your floors over time. Aim for vacuums that have hardwood friendly brushes. You should also consider the wheels or tracks on the robot vacuum.

Look how to vacuum hardwood floors vacuums with padded wheels, so they do not leave scuff marks. You should clean the wheels often, as dirt on wheels can leave scratches on your floors. Some robots have the ability to vacuum and mop floors.

As they use water to mop, care should be vacum with hardwood floors. Repeated use of water on floors can damage vacumu. Finally, consider the robot vacuum with the best suction power. The vacuum should be able to pick up large pieces of debris or small dust particles.

It defeats the purpose of purchasing a convenient vacuum if you need to clean spots yourself. Robot vacuums are recommended for hardwood floors but may work best in small rooms with low traffic.

The best way to clean your floors is by vacuuming, so it important to know how to vacuum hardwood floors without scratching them. This means that you have to how to vacuum hardwood floors some precautions before starting. First, get some help to move rloors furniture out of the way. That way you are not tempted to drag them yourselves and scratch the floors.

A canister vacuum works best as you can get to hard to reach places while maintaining power. An upright vacuum how to vacuum hardwood floors not have the extra tools to reach corners. They may also hardwoov strong brushes that can potentially scratch the floor. If you only have an upright vacuum, make sure you can switch off the beater bar. Those strong bristles are perfect for carpets but poor for hardwood.

Backpack Vacuums for Hardwood Floors

Our wood floor vacuum guide explores the different styles and benefits of vacuums specifically for use on hardwood floors.

Maneuverability is at the top of the list. A canister can do the job well where no upright could possibly go … under beds, coffee tables and other tight spaces.

It is light-weight, easy to carry up and down stairs and move around the house as needed. The vacuum head is also light for pushing and pulling — either on bare floor or plush carpet. Attachments for pet hair, drapery, steps, bare floor or carpet and other goodies make the Canister an excellent all-around vacuum for your household.

Our top recommendation is the Kenmore Progressive Canister vacuum. These seem to sell out frequently on Amazon. The Miele Olympus is made in Germany and best used for low pile carpeting and hardwood floors. Have you considered the shoulder or backpack style vacuum cleaner? We suggest the Pro-Team Super Coach. It is most often used in commercial settings, but this vacuum for hardwood floors — and everything else — is great for folks who can handle 10 pounds or so on their lower to mid back check the weight of the products you consider and who would prefer a lot less bending over.

Our house cleaning professionals swear by this style vacuum. Note that most come with a very long cord — which could be a positive or a negative in your situation. Another benefit of this style is that nothing — no moving parts — touch your hardwood floor except the vacuum head itself.

A dust buster is a very nice addition to your cleaning equipment collection. We strongly suggest purchasing one with a pivot handle. When a small, specific area of your wood floor may be suffering, prevent scratches and scuffs on the spot without dragging the vacuum out.

A dust buster is also perfect for the kitchen and dining room to catch crumbs from cooking and eating in between thorough vacuums. If the wood floor vacuum you choose does not have attachments, a dust buster commonly includes an edger attachment to get along baseboards and in nooks and crannies. You could get a stick-style hardwood floor vacuum rather than a dust buster to serve this same purpose. A wood floor vacuum should boast certain features and be modified when appropriate to further protect your floors.

It is a valuable tool for cleaning hardwood floors with the versatility for other hard surface floors as well as carpeting. Username or Email Address. Remember Me. Wood Floor Vacuum Guide.

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