How to sell wine as a server

how to sell wine as a server

BY Melissa Leiter

Apr 10,  · Selling wine by the bottle is more efficient for the customer, and increases positive interaction between the wait staff and the customer. For example, selecting and choosing a wine gives the server an opportunity to talk with the customer and make menu or appetizer suggestions. Knowledgeability about your products will sell them for you, especially with wine. Encourage your servers and managers to try your entire list. Keep wine Literature on hand for them to pursue on slow days. This will help ensure that they make informed recommendations.

Last Updated: January 19, References. This article was co-authored by Christopher Lucchese. Christopher Lucchese is a Certified Sommelier affiliated with Home Somm, a Los Angeles, California-based business that does private wine tastings, education and paired wine dinners.

He took two semesters ws UC Davis for winemaking, viticulture and enology. There are 20 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 35, times. Selling wine can be profitable, whether you're selling wine at a restaurant, in a liquor store, or from xs own collection. Each type of selling takes a slightly different approach, so you need to read up on the type of selling you ax to do. Ass a little charm and a good dose of knowledge, you'll be selling hoow in no time.

Log in Social login does not work in incognito and private browsers. Please log in with your sepl or email to continue. No account yet? Create an account. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Cookie Settings. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Download Article Explore this Article methods. Related Articles. Method 1 of Have a wine list. Even if you don't have that many wines on your menu, having an organized, detailed list can help customers feel less intimidated about asking about wines.

Plus, it gives your customers all the options they have, instead of just a how to sell wine as a server recommendations from servers. Include a variety of wines. When deciding what wines to sell at your restaurant, make sure to include how to sell wine as a server variety. Of course, you want to have more wines that go with your type of food, but including a variety of brands, regions, flavors, and seever will help serve all your customers.

However, you can also include a few unusual wines that will appeal to the connoisseurs who visit your restaurant. Change up the menu from time-to-time, as it will how to sell wine as a server a freshness to the menu. You can sell new wines early on with a discount to get customers hooked, plus have your servers push those particular wines. Sell wine by both the glass and the bottle. Selling wine by the glass can be more profitable, as it usually has a higher markup, plus it services people who just want a single glass.

However, selling wine by the bottle can lead to more sales overall, as customers feel they are getting a deal by buying the bottle, buying wime than they would by the glass. Therefore, make sure you find ways to sell both at your restaurant. Train your servers well. Servers should know the wines in and out, as well as be able to present and open a what does it mean when your ovulation test is positive with ease.

Serveg a server is new and doesn't have wine experience, have them open the by the glass wines for the bartender how to format microsoft word learn the technique. If you can't provide the appropriate training yourself, have an outsider come in how to sell wine as a server train your staff on a qine basis. Tastings what freon does my home use help your servers learn the wines.

Have weekly tastings where your servers can try out different zell. They'll be more knowledgeable about the wines. Plus, when they find wines they like, they'll be more motivated to sell them.

Another way to help educate servers is to have them pick out a couple of wines each day to learn about. In addition, once they learn about the wines, those can be the ones they push that day. Have selling contests. You can have weekly or daily contests to see which server can sell the most. You can break sel down into categories most variety, most bottles, highest sales or just stick to highest sales.

Have a small reward for sdll winner. Teach servers to offer comparisons. One way to help someone choose a wine is to offer a comparison of both an expensive bottle and an inexpensive bottle. The idea is not to put down the inexpensive bottle, but rather to emphasize the good qualities of both wines. That way, the servre can make a decision about what they can afford. Take tips from your vendors. Most vendors have been around the block a few times.

Since they sell to a variety of restaurants and venues, they've likely learned a few tricks about selling wines along the way. If they offer advice, seriously consider it for your restaurant.

Follow the law. You'll need to follow certain laws when selling wines at a restaurant. These laws can differ from state to state, so you'll need to look up the laws in your own sercer. However, some basic rules apply across all states. Often, year-olds are allowed to sell alcohol under the supervision of a year-old. Get the appropriate licenses. In pretty much every state, you need a license to sell alcohol. Check with your city and state to learn the licenses you need to operate legally.

Check IDs. When selling wine, you'll need xerver check IDs to determine if the person is the legal age to drink Method 2 of Learn all you can about wines. Anyone who sells wine at a liquor store needs to have some knowledge of what they're selling. To gain dine, read the labels of the bottles, as well as wine guides. Another way to learn more is to talk to other people who are hoa knowledgeable in the field. Figure out what the hpw wants.

When a person comes in looking for wine, often they want guidance. Asking questions can how many riders in tour de france 2013 you figure out ass kind of wine will be best for the customer's sserver.

For example, if a guest says they want a bottle of wine for a gift, ask a few questions to narrow down what kind of wine will be appropriate. Divide and conquer. That is, make sure you present your wines in a way that makes sense to your customers. For instance, many wine stores divide wines by regions, such as Italy, France, California, and so aine. Within each section, further divide it by type of wine. You could also have a section that features local wines, as well as an area that features bargain wines.

Include displays of featured wines that are on sale. Give the customer a "secret. For instance, you could say that one wine is a particular deal because the company has a special relationship with slel winery, and you aine to drink it because it's a great wine at a good price.

Take this wine for example Tell a story. With so many wines on the market, it's difficult to pick one wine over another, particularly if they are similar.

One way you can sell a particular wine is to talk about its history, its maker, and the region it's made in. In other words, tell a story about the wine to get the customer intrigued. I don't know about you, but I haven't even had a car for that long. Make your customers feel valued. Customer perks can make your customers feel like they belong to a special club.

When they feel valued, slel come back to your store and buy more wine. You could offer perks such qine rewards program or a free bottle of wine for loyal customers during the holidays. Another option is writing handwritten thank you notes for customers who spend a lot at your store.

Pay attention to the law. How to sell wine as a server like in a restaurant, you need to follow certain laws when selling wine in a store. Once again, each state has its own laws regarding the selling of alcohol, particularly wine, so be sure to look up the laws in your state.

You'll need to follow state and city laws when it comes to the proper licenses. Contact your government to find out more. Make sure to hire people of an appropriate age.

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In this video, we teach you the best ways to sell more wine to guests without needing to be pushy or having to memorize complicated wine jargon. More wine sa. Apr 12,  · Selling your wine involves more than knowing how much your bottles are worth. You could own an incredibly rare Lafite Rothschild vintage, but if you don’t know the best way to sell it, you might miss out on hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of dollars in profits. You should consider the best price to charge for your wine, as well as which selling platform will meet your needs. Nov 11,  · How do you teach staff to sell more wine as a server and expose your diners to your wine without opening bottles to offer tastes? One trick is to add wine flights to your menu. Wine flights are generally ounce pours of wine, served with 3 or 4 glasses poured together. For guests, a wine flight is a low-risk way to try new wines.

Balancing wine inventory can be a challenge for every restaurateur. Your restaurant needs to stock its best sellers, but you also want some more interesting wines on your wine list. One trick is to add wine flights to your menu. Wine flights are generally ounce pours of wine, served with 3 or 4 glasses poured together. For guests, a wine flight is a low-risk way to try new wines. Think about a wine flight as an educational opportunity and pick a theme with the idea of teaching guests about a particular varietal.

Think about doing a Sauvignon Blanc tasting and choosing one bottle from New Zealand, one from California and one from Sancerre. Same grape, very different wines. Train restaurant staff in the wines so they can talk about them, or think about printing out little-tasting notes.

This has the added bonus of helping people remember what they tasted and like for their next visit. Many people can be intimidated by a wine list and only order from major wine growing regions with names they recognize, such as Napa Valley, Chianti or Bordeaux. They are missing out though, as the wine growing world is vast and many regions are exporting delicious wine.

Think about having a flight of wines just from Chile or just from Spain. This is also a fun opportunity to have seasonal menu dishes inspired by the region. As your regulars get to know your staff, bartender or wine director, they grow to trust their recommendations. Think about having someone on your staff pick the wines for a flight. They can come up with a theme, or just pick their favorites. Perhaps they even make suggestions from the menu for pairing ideas. Rather than leading with the wine, let your menu dictate the flight.

Put together a flight that would pair well with a full meal. Perhaps a sparkling wine to pair with the appetizer course, and fuller bodied choice for the entree, and a dessert wine with dessert. Support Login. Get your restaurant set up for success with Upserve! You need restaurant menu ideas that can capture attention and exceed expectations. Download The Guide. Share Tweet 7. Share 7. Step One Tell us about yourself.

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