How to screenshot on ics

how to screenshot on ics

How to take screenshots on Android 4.0 ICS device

Jun 25,  · I just press the volume down button and the power button at the same time and hold it (!) vor seconds. After this time your tablet presents you a little preview image and you hear the same "click"-sound like releasing the camera. At this moment you can find the screenshot in the same folder like the camera app. Aug 16,  · Taking a screenshot on an Android smartphone running Android Ice Cream Sandwich is indeed bit tricky though it seems very easy. One needs to .

The screenshot then happens ot one second. The time lag does vary a bit. But if it hasn't done a screenshot after one second, release and try again. You might also try the screenhot volume button and the power button. It seems the buttons are sometimes backward for some functions Quill's page advance function was backward for me on my prior motherboard, for example. There shouldn't be any dialogs like volume changing or power menu. It still doesn't work for me.

My motherboard was already replaced just a few months ago. The buttons are all seated and functioning fine apparently. There are no other problems on my android 4. I have rebooted several times during these trials. I did it screenehot I have a friend who has a Asus Transformer Prime and he takes a screen shot by holding down the recent app button. Is screen capture working for anyone? I've tried all the combinations of power button and volume down button, but no screen capture gets made.

Is there perhaps a problem with particular ROMs? Link to scdeenshot. I just press the volume down button and the power button at the same time hoe hold it! After this time your tablet presents you icz little preview image and you hear the same "click"-sound like releasing the camera.

At this moment how to screenshot on ics can find the screenshot in the same folder like the camera app. At the same moment also appears a picture icon in the status bar.

It's that ugly square on my screenshot next to the clock. I'm using the european version of the tablet and also the original rom image, but I made an reset of my tablet after the ICS-Update because of the weak performance.

Please note, that some homescreen-shortcuts are "broken" after the ICS-Update. I don't know the releationship between the camera app and the screenshot function, but both seem to use the same folder, data hkw and maybe some libraries. Before I was executing the reset the what is big ben made of app was also launching the OLD honeycomb version screeenshot this app. View All.

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I've got it. I can consistently get screenshots now. Thanks to everyone for screenzhot help :catvery-happy:. This helped me too. Too find me how to unzip z files it.

The second time I tried, I did shut my tablet down. So, what is the exact procedure and result? You press and hold the "volume down" side kcs the volume rocker, the volume indicator pops ups on the screen and unavoidably begins going down, then you press and hold the power button.

Three seconds later: anything? And just before the five second shutdown threshold, nothing. It is an awkward scenario especially if it isn't working. I like the placing of the pen-only mode on screenshit pop-up settings bar though I think it should revert to regular mode upon reboot, then losing your stylus would not be as big of a problem Since ICS has the screencapture functionality built in, it would be useful if Lenovo were to put a delayed screencap option in the same pop-up menu.

Planemaker HDMI. Have you looked in your picture gallery for the screenshot? Who does the screen cap work for? What is the precise seqeunce of key presses and the results? And what ROM are you using?

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Nov 09,  · Hello guys, This video tells you How to take a screenshot in Sony Xperia Devices running on ICS. Just one step that you have to hold the hold button and the. Nov 28,  · Android or Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) finally brings screenshots natively to the mobile platform, to a lot of users of custom ROMs such as CyanogenMod or Darkys ROM it may seem like this has been a feature for a while but that isn’t the case. To take a screenshot: Simply hold down the Volume Down button and Power button for about a second. Recently I received the Ice Cream Sandwich Android upgrade on my Acer A one of the first things I wanted to try was taking a screenshot using ICS. Thankfully, it is super easy to take a screenshot using Ice Cream Sandwich: Press and hold the Power button and the Volume button (the volume button closest to the corner); After simultaneously holding those two buttons for seconds you will.

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