How to play music from phone on xbox

how to play music from phone on xbox

Streaming Music From Your Phone/MP3/Computer to Xbox One

Jan 21,  · Gamertag: i Am Raged xIApp: AllCast. · Connect USB drive to your computer and copy music to your USB drive. Eject it but plug it to your Xbox One. Open Xbox Media Player and you will see the drive. Choose the music to play music from iPhone to Xbox /Xbox One.

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Mar 10,  · AirPlay Music and Video from iOS to Xbox One On your Xbox console, open the Store, select Search, and start to type: airserver in the search box with the onscreen keyboard. Then choose AirServer Author: Brian Burgess. Once the update is complete, restart your console and sign in. Connect your phone to your Xbox using a USB cable. The phone will be detected as a portable device. When you click on it you will get access to a list of AAC audio files stored in your iPhone. Select one and press “A”. PlayTo is an Xbox feature that enables your Xbox or Xbox One console to play streamed media from compatible devices and apps in Windows 10, including the Groove Music and Movies & TV apps. Note PlayTo is available only on devices that have Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA)-compliant playback capabilities, such as computers and some phones.

Xbox being one of the most popular consoles in the world, can be used for more than just playing games. You can watch movies or listen to music on it. There are several through which you can play music on Xbox , but none of them is quite as complex as playing iPhone music on Xbox Therefore, to play apple music on Xbox , you need to do the following. This update is free and you only need to install it once. Turn your console on and log in to your Xbox Live profile. Once the update is complete, restart your console and sign in.

Connect your phone to your Xbox using a USB cable. The phone will be detected as a portable device. When you click on it you will get access to a list of AAC audio files stored in your iPhone. The last option involves transferring the music on your iPhone to a PC, change it into a format that can be played on your Xbox, transfer to a portable device that supports the new music format, then connect the device to your Xbox and play your favorite jams.

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