How to make silicone reborn dolls

how to make silicone reborn dolls

What Materials Are Needed for Silicone Baby Dolls?

Silicone kits are basically just the silicone pieces (head, arms, legs, torso). Some artists will sell the silicone kits for others to reborn themselves. A silicone kits usually costs anywhere from $$1, A completely finished painted full-bodied silicone doll costs around $$ The only way that these silicone doll "parts" can be. Aug 31,  · Soft silicone is one of the two best materials for making reborn babies. The other popular material is vinyl. In some cases, a mix of silicone vinyl will be used. If you’re new to reborning and have never designed a silicone reborn baby doll it will be much better if you try both of them and decide for yourself which one produces better results.

There are many ways to go about creating a lifelike silicone baby doll or for crafting reborn dolls. There are several tutorials on this topic available on the web. The process can be broken down into four broad steps: sculpting, molding, casting, and painting. The following videos provide very detailed mold making and casting information specific to doll-making:.

A number of Smooth-On products are often used for making a silicone doll including: Dragon Skin 10 — for creating seamless "glove" molds.

Ecoflex and — for casting lifelike soft baby skin. Psycho Paint — a paint base for platinum silicone rubber. Sil Pig Silicone Pigments — available in an assortment of colors that can be blended together for endless color possibilities. Disclaimer This FAQ article is offered as a guideline and offers possible solutions to problems encountered during mold making and casting.

How to make silicone reborn dolls warranty is implied and it is up to the end user to determine suitability for any specific application. A small scale test what is a hit list suggested to determine suitability of any recommendation before trying on a larger scale for any application.

Is it a custom-made doll?

Making Silicone Babies Everything to help you learn to start painting your own silicone baby doll, including free tutorials, a blog with general information about the art of silicone doll making, an online shop selling most of the products you need to get started painting silicones, and also silicone baby blank kits for you to paint and 'reborn. Glossing - wet lips and a moist nose really bring a reborn doll to life! Hi I wanted to ask how much well it cost to get a reform full silicone baby doll that look like the picture because I want to get one for my mom like a gift Reply. Andrea Stewart. 11/23/ pm.

Hi Kim. I just happened to run across your site and LOVE it! I have been interested in reborning since I discovered it in the late 80"s. I have painted about 14 babies. I am continuously watching and learnong from artist and I must say you are one of the best I have seen.

Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing with us "wanna bes". Hi Cathy! Thank you so much for your kind note! I want adoll I really was waiting for it it looks so real can you please get me one for free and I want it very bad.

Hey im sorry but can the creator of the alissa beth doll please contact me. I am in touch with her mother and she would like to speak to you about the doll you created of her daughter. Thank you. Hi I wanted to ask how much well it cost to get a reform full silicone baby doll that look like the picture because I want to get one for my mom like a gift.

Thank you so much for all you do and share, I can't wait to share my baby with you once completed on your reborn with me!! Hi Tonya! I'm so glad to hear that you were able to rescue your first doll kit!

Thank you so much for your kind note and I look forward to seeing your completed baby! Hello: I am interested in making one of these gorgeous dolls. I'm a little hesitant because I am not a artist or painter. Is this something out of my league or should I give it a try? Great question! I also felt intimated by the prospect of creating reborn dolls. I watched and read several tutorials before finally deciding that I'd give it a try. I think the most important question to consider is why you want to reborn.

If your motivation is to save money, unfortunately, you will be disappointed. And it is rare though not impossible! So if the goal is a cheap doll, unfortunately, you'll save money and frustration buying one from a reputable artist. However, if you just love the art form, enjoy learning new things, or find you have an emotional connection to the creation and collection of reborn dolls, I say, go for it!

It is an expensive hobby and the start-up costs are not trivial, but if you're going to enjoy the journey as much as the destination, it's totally worth it! Dearest Kim, I really want to thank you for this series!!! I live in South Africa and I am looking at my first kit in front of me Hoping to get her done with you tutorials!!! Can't wait to get started!!!! Warm regards, Miana xx. Hi Miana, Thank you for Reborning with Me! Please let me know if you have any questions along the way!

Many thanks! I bought my first kit and paint and I'm eager to get started. I came across your tutorial and would like to follow along but I have air dry paints, can I still use your tutorial successfully?

Many artists who have Reborned with Me successfully used air dry paints. Some brands of air dry paints are designed such that the colors translate directly to Genesis equivalents. For others, you may have to eyeball which color is closest to what I'm using. But the color theory and painting techniques are the same.

I'm confident you can Reborn with Me using air dry paints. Hey I was wondering what u used to clean ur brushes with I'm going to try to reborn. I've got two babies of my own and my first one the magnet in her head fell and its rolling around in her head and it's worrying me I'm scared that I'll mess her up if I try to fix her. I've always loved doing art so I hope that when my kit comes in that the baby will turn out good. If u have a Instagram when I get mine done maybe I can send u pictures.

Is the latex bad for the vinyl , just don't know so I am asking, having trouble here in Australia finding any latex free. Regards Julie. Hi Kim, I am completing my first reborn and am pleased with how it's coming along! I have fallen in love with these dolls and just want to thank you for your excellent tutorials!

Thanks a bunch as here in Northern Ireland reborns are almost as hard to come by as a cow is in the rainforest! There are some in England though. I searched and searched but could not find a guide on how to store genesis paints that are left over after being mixed with paint thinner. For example, should they always be in glass containers. Are there any containers you would recommend? Thanks for your help. Hi Kim Could you briefly tell me at which steps I should bake or if this is right?

Hi where can i find the cloth body for the babies the rings and the plugs for the limbs and head? I would love to start a baby. I want to 1st rebuild my ashton drake baby. Hi Kim, Ive been reborning for about 14 years now and I wanted you to know that I love your videos!

You do such an awesome job teaching and explaining the art form. I get a lot of inquiries asking if I offer reborning classes, which unfortunately I do not, but I always refer them to your tutorials. In my opinion, they are the best instructional videos on reborning out there and just as informative as any class would be! Keep up the great work! Hi Kim, I can't find Asher and I want to do your tutorial. Are the other realborn dolls a good substitute? Hey there!

Me and my mom are in the process of reborning. We have some supplies, but we don't have half the supplies that you suggest or demand. I looked at your 'Reborning Supplies' page, but it didn't show what tools you need for reborning.

We think that it would be a neat idea to show what tools are recommended for reborning. This is just an idea, I don't mean to sound rude in the least. I think that what your doing is amazing! You are great at multi-tasking! Me and my mom enjoy watching your well-explained videos, you are very good at what you do. Thank you for making these videos for free and for being so kind and generous, it is much appreciated! Sweetly, Selah. Oh gee, sorry. I'm sorry, I didn't notice that you had a page for it, sorry for troubling you.

I'm such a dope, I didn't see you had a page for it, that's what I get for not looking thoroughly. Oddly, Selah. Hello, I am new to reborning. I have made 2 dolls so far and I think they are pretty good but, I have seen others that look super real. I have watched many youtube videos and I am a little confused on the order of painting. Some of the videos do veins first and some do a basecoat.

Some do creasing first ans some do them at the end. Can you tell me what is the difference? Also how do you make them look more realistic? Is it by how many coats of Mottling you do? I am just a little bit confused yet. Also what is the sealer and when do you apply that?

Thanks so much for your help. I love how you reborn Hi Kim, I sent you a text earlier, and I forgot to say that I have always been interested in making the Art of doing it. Older now lol. I quickly felt I was over my head confidence I lack at times , I just needed more time and explanations.

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