How to make objects float with your mind

how to make objects float with your mind

How to Levitate for Real

Sep 06,  · Place the needle through one end of a cork that is flat and can be put on a flat surface, such as a table. Place the folded paper on the other end of the needle. Clear your mind and focus entirely on the piece of paper floating on the needle. Concentrate on making a connection with the paper, as if it were an extension of your very body. Learn how to make objects magically float in mid air! Levitate a dollar bill, move a fork with your mind, and make a playing card magically cut itself from the deck! Family-friendly magic trick tutorials with step by step instructions for each levitation trick! All magic secrets revealed!

Do you travel often? Or would you like to travel without taking any means of transport? Levitation is the psychic ability of the mind to ojects from the ground and float on air. Levitationlike any other psychic ability, requires a strong will power and focus to achieve it. Whenever we hear about performing levitation, we remember those famous magicians on TV shows who levitate very easily.

There are many people and magicians who claim to levitate, but what they do are just tricks. They create objefts illusion in the eyes of the public and makes them to believe that it is a true levitation. But in fact, these are fake. But, there is no need to worry for you, because levitation do exist in real. Since it can be performed by very rare psychic people in real, people are not aware of makf existence.

Like any other psychic ability, this too has no scientific explanation and thus doubting the existence of this phenomenon. There are many monks, yogis of India, and many psychics all over the world are able you do it but there is no scientific evidence for these. Many records of course, which are unscientific and unofficial, states that levitation is rare and spontaneous activity, although some can levitate at will. Mknd in our history, there are some famous people who were able to what is drag in swimming. To train in levitation, you have to clear your mind and connect more spiritually.

A normal meditation may take a lot of time to achieve how to make objects float with your mind, but Floah meditation is more beneficial. Anyhow, one has to start with a normal breathing practice and then ma,e on to how best to invest 5k levels of meditation. Performing levitation is not a quick process, but it may take makr. Mastering the art of levitation requires discipline, patience, will power and concentration.

Clear your Mind : The first step is to clear your mind. You can do either Transcendental meditation ohw start with any other meditation technique. Transcendental meditation is a simple and effortless technique to calm your mind, increase creativity and enhances your brain functions. You can even do a Psychic meditation which helps in developing your psychic gifts. Exercise : You can do exercise or better do yoga which stretches your body and helps to relax. Get proper Diet : Be aware of your foods taken.

Proper hygiene food is necessary to purify your body. Psychic gifts are easily flourished in a purified body. Also a proper rest to be given to your body.

Trust yourself : Always trust in your ability and trust that levitation can be achieved. Never ever allow doubts in your mind. Visualize : Visualize on daily basis how to plant mondo grass between pavers energy is flowing through your body and you are becoming lighter and lighter. Stand or sit and use your visualization techniques to see yourself lifting off the ground. Hold the image for a while and let your body to return to the ground tloat.

Do this everyday. Achieving to levitate is almost like achieving a spiritual enlightenment. So, people who are spiritually involved can easily perform this phenomenon.

It is better to make your journey to enlightenment instead of levitation; in this way, it would be easy for you to levitate may how to make objects float with your mind during meditation. Also Check : Yohr Mastery. Comments are closed, but trackbacks and pingbacks are open. Skip to content. How to Levitate for Real. What is levitation? How to Levitate? In order to practice levitation, one must follow some routine things in his or her life.

Things to remember to learn Levitation: withh. Also Check : Miracle Mastery Related. Next Post: Poltergeist Definition and Stages.

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You must burn seven purple candles and four white candles and one black candle to bind the forces that may try to attack you during your journey across the spirit world, but after this you will have abilities like the power to see with your third eye, the power to levitate, and in some cases the power to move objects with the mind or psycho kinesis. You can even do a Psychic meditation which helps in developing your psychic gifts. 2. Exercise: You can do exercise or better do yoga which stretches your body and helps to relax. 3. Get proper Diet: Be aware of your foods taken. Proper hygiene food is necessary to purify your body. Psychic gifts are easily flourished in a purified body. Sep 26,  · Telekinesis (Making Things Move With Your Mind) Is Possible. Submitted by Avadhoot Dandekar on February 17, - am. There is a basic flaw here in the whole understanding. There is a .

Telekinesis, simply put, is the ability to move an object with your mind. Simple as that. Or is it? If in fact we could prove it scientifically, then we would be able to say, without the shadow of a doubt, that this is true.

But unfortunately, science cannot prove it yet. They do not need scientific proof to know telekinesis is possible because they simply believe. Have they done it themselves? Not always, but a quick online search will lead you to believe that this practice, even if not scientific, is very real. The first step on how to do telekinesis? The belief in it. We know that anything we put our mind to can become true. Since this is the case, why not believe that we can move objects with our mind?

If you want to try telekinesis, the most important aspect of it is thoroughly believing to the point of knowing that you can do it. Yes, scientifically, the only time objects can move without physical touch is by magnetic force or via gravity. Because science fails to measure the power of the mind with repeatable outcomes, scientists discard telekinesis as science.

We recommend starting with something small and light, like a feather or a 3-inch by 3-inch piece of regular paper not cardboard, card stock or index cards. The lighter the better on your first attempts. Not only that, but for your first try, your brain waves are undeveloped for movement of a solid object. This means that they are untrained. Trying to move a heavier object would be time-consuming, frustrating and likely yield no results. One of the struggles with telekinesis is that people lose concentration quickly.

While the desire to move the object is there, other thoughts may visit the mind. To make it easier, some people choose to enter a meditative state as they concentrate or even before the first step.

Some people like to create a ball of energy between their hands and use that energy to move the object. It can be as simple as extending your hand and waving the object, or moving the object with your own eyes and a slight move of the head. Our biggest recommendation now is to be patient. Your object moves when you least expect it. Wait for it. If you begin to feel impatient and that your concentration is going downhill, stop. You can always try again later. Before you put everything away and get back to your day, be sure to measure your attempt.

That is, write down the date, object, time started, and time finished. This is because you can choose to start over with your attempt. As you continue your practice keep adding a little more time. When you do, start practicing on heavier objects, or on moving multiple objects at the same time. Anytime you reach a certain level of telekinesis, we ask that you remember to use it for good.

Teasing your friends with it, showing off, etc. We also do not recommend chasing birds for a feather. Because serious energy can be heavy and intense.

One last recommendation: Be intentional about this process! This attitude seldom yields good results in telekinesis. Now, go for it! Good luck! Her goal is to help people find happiness through spiritual enlightenment and self-discovery. Alissa Monroe.

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