How to make homemade exploding targets

how to make homemade exploding targets

How to Make Exploding Shooting Targets

Here’s what to do: Drill of 5/16 hole into the center of the bottle cap. Use some pliers to make the hole as smooth as possible. Pull the end of the tire valve through the hole. Drill a half inch hole into the middle of the steel cap. Put the tire valve through the hole and pull it through the cap. Jan 24,  · This homemade exploding rifle target gives you similar results and is cheaper because it just uses the two main ingredients of original Tannerite. Homemade Tannerite is simply grams Ammonium Nitrate mixed with 5 grams Aluminum Powder. For those interested in knowing exactly how to make tannerite, here is the formula: X * = Y X = Weight of AN.

By Dave Hurteau July 04, Firebird Targets, on the other hand, are nonbinary pyrotechnic discs that blow up when hit by a pellet or bullet. Peel and stick a few to the bottom of some clay targets, and you will see bombs bursting in air. Homemaed state regs. For riflemen, How to make homemade exploding targets is easy to buy in most states, and homemade recipes abound on YouTube.

But be careful and know the law. Once mixed, this binary explosive becomes subject to a variety of state and federal regulations, and if you get carried away, you might get a visit from some stern-looking officers with badges. If you want the bottle to stand up, make a base by drilling a half-inch hole through a plastic food-storage container or PVC end cap, and pull the valve through nice and tight.

Connect a pump maks a pressure gauge to the valve and get pumping. Soda bottles work best because they can take more pressure. Most pop at around psi, so start at 80 and experiment. Be careful. Now step back a safe distance and fire away at your own risk with an air rifle, bow what can you make with flour sugar eggs and butter arrow.

Any of them will make that bottle explode with a how to make homemade exploding targets boom. It also helps get them interested in shooting. Want more of the Great Outdoors?


Dec 19,  · Use AN/NM/AL of 70/20/10 by weight mix. AN - Ammonium Nitrate "Explosive grade". NM - Nitro-Methane "30% or higher is best". AL - Aluminum "Finer the better". Plain old Tannerite consisting of AN/AL with a pinch of Potassium Perchlorate doesn't hold a .

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You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. PX Member. Oct 10, 48 2 45 United States. But before I go on, let it be known that I am not responsible for anyone that chooses to brew up theiw own BTE. When I first started out I figured I could simply get a rock tumbler and grind down some 'or better mesh aluminum and toss it in with an instant cold pack "Ammonium Nitrate" and have a fun day of shooting up some BTE.

Sometimes it worked, and some not. If any of you are interested in saving a lot of money vs buying those ridiculously expensive tannerite packages "There are multiple companies" I have a much better recipe that works every single time. If your having a hard time finding AN locally and don't want to puchase it online out of fear of being on the DHS watch-list and paying ridiculously expensiveshipping fees, you can buy the cheap crap and filter out all the unwanted 'cakings' and end up with highly pure AN.

You can also make highly pure AN by making it with ver basic or even no lab supplies just researc a little or hit me up. I can give multiple formulas out for anything even rimfire sensitive BTE.

Anybody know of a better report from down range fill me in Stay safe, Dave. Reactions: acudaowner and Skynard. Feb 10, 2, 73 Wyoming. I was on the bomb squad for the Anchorage Police Dept.

Just Sayin". Reactions: barnesm44 , camocorvette , Tweedycarcass23jonb and 11 others. Sep 7, 6, 14, Denver CO. I was gonna suggest some diesel and, oh wait, thats against the rules Jan 16, I think tannerite is not going to ever cause fingers flying off your hand unless you hold it when it is shot. Mix it when on scene then put down range AND not inside or under things that can fly and hurt you. Shoot is and enjoy. I want get the recipe to make some!!!

Reactions: Edgecrusher. Jan 20, Baker, FL. Beware of the E. Correct me if I am wrong, but wouldn't this recipe be considered illegally manufactured explosive? I am pretty sure the user's intent and method of detonation plays no bearing in the legality of manufacture Please correct me if I am wrong. Aug 28, Apr 17, 1, 2, The land of many waters.

I have heard that because this takes a high velocity impact to detonate it is not considered a regulated explosive by ATF? Probably not the right answer, but as I dont use it I am not too knowledgeable about it. Feb 17, 7, 6, Colorado. Click to expand Oct 23, 6, 11, Texas Hill Country. Just some Ammonium Nitrate, nitromethane, and micronized aluminum powder I'm going to mix up and have a good time with.

It's legal, I promise. Not sure that would go well for Mr. John Q. I sure as shit wouldn't want to test the legal waters. I'm just gonna go out on a limb here and say the average cop would be like this:. Reactions: Smittiac and stefan Legal Advisory for Tannerite Reactive Rifle Targets Promoting safety and awareness, Tannerite reactive binary targets provides legal advisories regarding their products in the United States of America.

Reactions: camocorvette. Jul 18, 1, SC. I've always been a big fan of shooting at portable propane cans, like the ones we use in our grill. Legalities aside, I think it's a great opportunity to explore Darwin's "Survival of the Fittest" concept or as my old man used to tell me, "Son, when you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes.

Reactions: clcustom Oct 25, 2, 3, Alaska. Dave- Some states IF I understand the laws in CA, the ingredients are fine Combining them make you fall into the Manufacturing a destructive device Damn Fun Police And yes Some Bass Pro sops sell or sold it in CA Every person who possesses any substance, material, or any combination of substances or materials, with the intent to make any destructive device or any explosive withohout first obtaining a valid permit to make that destructive device or explosive, is guilty of a felony, and is punishable by imprisonment pursuant to subdivision h of Section for two, three, or four years Every person who possesses, explodes, ignites, or attempts to explode or ignite any destructive device or any explosive with intent to injure, intimidate, or terrify any person, or with intent to wrongfully injure or destroy any property, is guilty of a felony, and shall be punished by imprisonment pursuant to subdivision h of Section for a period of three, five, or seven years.

Due to item 1, bomb, and item 6, "similar device", it is determined that once mixed, the components create an illegal item under this section. Reactions: jymbeux , Keel Haul , riverside jeep and 7 others. Reactions: camocorvette , akmike47 , Cheyenne Bodie and 1 other person.

I have no intention of ever using tannerite. Steel and white paint are cheap and I get more shots per refurb. I just brought up a few questions because you can also add a thing or two to make tannerite low velocity sensitive I do welcome actual facts from agents who deal with it everyday Jul 9, 7, 10, Alabama eHam.

Blutroop said:. Americans are not legal in California. Jul 29, 3 6. Feb 18, 1, Fayetteville, Arkansas. Reactions: squishee , USNairborne , Edgecrusher and 2 others. Rerun7 said:. I think you missed your opportunity. They probably picked him up with a sponge somewhere Hopefully not, but i gotcha. Reactions: flyfisher , Epsilon , akmike47 and 3 others.

Oct 25, Southwest Michigan. May 4, 1, 1, Colorado. Jan 27, 3, 4, Behind enemy lines Northern Commiefornia. Reactions: Blutroop and Cy Rosenlund. GrumpyOleFart One coffee away from a psychotic episode Supporter. Sep 18, 1, 1, Perth, Western Australia. Reactions: Cy Rosenlund and acudaowner. Dec 26, 4, 3,

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