How to make haters mad

how to make haters mad

Haters Gonna Hate: 10 Ways to Use Haters As Fuel for Success

May 31,  · Hey guys:) this was one of my first videos where I address something like this so I hope you enjoyed my 10 Tips to Make the Haters Mad!! FOLLOW MY SOCIAL MED. Mar 27,  · DIY Mad Hatter Top Hat Instructions. It is necessary to make a cardboard liner for the fabric hat. Outline the round top of the hat on a piece of thick corrugated cardboard. Cut in out and stuff it in the top of the hat. Stabilizing the Hat ~ Step 2. Cut a 25? x 10? piece of corrugated cardboard. Be sure to cut the 10? side in the same direction as the inner fluted piece of the .

In life, you'll have goals. En route to achieving these goals, you'll find haters. Take it from me, people can be brutal. Sure, you can ignore these comments — out of sight, out of mind. But, it's better if you don't. Listen to your haters, deliberately, every word. Embrace them. Because it will infuriate you. Hate has the tendency to multiply like bacteria. So get used to it.

Everyone has haters. It's just one set of opinions, from gow who probably won't hold an important place in your life. Hate follows success like a shadow — always looking to cast some shade. So, take a deep breath and accept it. The thing is, the extent of their impact on you will lie solely in your hands. Never underestimate your mmake ability — others will do that for you — your job is to prove that ability. When you find yourself some haters, keep them close.

Keep them close to motivate you from the start, and keep them close so they can watch you flex once you make it. Haters are often simple-minded. Recognize this and be flattered. People hate threats. Before letting a hater knock you off your path, stop how to make haters mad think. Be real. Although others may see mistakes as a perfect window to voice their opinions. Keep in mind, while mistakes provide perfect windows for hate, these windows open and close.

Mistakes are temporary, they can be fixed. Try and see the silver lining in criticism. As long as, tomorrow, you respond. Accept hate While it may not be exactly what you want to hear in the moment, adhering to it might better you in the long run.

Really, that how much are stone bench tops is up to you. So bounce back. I mxd deliberate in my choice of wording. Never react to haters, respond.

Reactions are emotion based, and emotions hoa be irrational. Emotions are also ill-defined. Responses, on the other hand, are planned. They bear a meaning. Reactions are just impulses, and impulses are never well-thought, and are rarely practical.

In fact, I like the ring of that better. Prove them wrong, but strive to empower yourself, while doing so — not victimize others. Trust me, seeing your success will leave them victim enough.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It. By Dan Scotti. Here are the 5 reasons to embrace your how to make haters mad, and have them become your motivation: 5.

Most of the times, they're just how to make haters mad. But, a lot of times, they're right. Mistakes are temporary, they can be fixed Try and see the silver lining in criticism. They force a response. They'll soon become your prey.

On to the next ones.

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Sep 26,  · Alice in Wonderland is such a fun and fantastical movie and it was so fun to recreate the Mad Hatter's hat for my dad's costume! I didn't sew anything on thi Author: Adventuring Foodie. Feb 24,  · There insecurities and envy offer ascent to their negative demeanor where they are consistently there to pass judgment on you and refute you. These haters can also inspire you to perform better, letting them be behind you. Turn your pain . Once you have a bunch of pieces cut start covering your hat.. working in small sections first with a layer of mod podge then stick the fabric on. Once the whole outside of the top part of the hat is covered in fabric and both sides of the rim. Go back over the whole thing with another layer of the .

This costume I made for a photo shoot. I love the photo of Johnny Depp as the mad hatter and wanted to replicate the look as much as possible for the photo.

Yes I am a little mad putting all this effort into creating a costume just for a photo. But aren't you lucky I am a little bit crazy By the way this is actually me dressed up in this costume. Fabric pieces : I found textured looking pieces of fabric like these: black textured fabric in browns greys and blacks, I even added a bit of black lace here and there.

Black bias cut piping like this: Black piping from hobby lobby. First cut your poster board according to the template provided. You will need to measure around your head with a tape measure like the kind you use for sewing or wrap a string around your head and measure the string with a ruler. Add 1 inch to the measurement, this will give you the length you need to start you own template. I used this template to make a sample hat for my daughters doll I didn't want to waste a whole sheet of poster board making a full sized hat.

You will use the same technique to make a larger hat. Once you have made your measurements and created your template, cut it out and form it on your head.

Once adjusted right Make sure to taper the hat so that the top is larger than the bottom. The hole will get considerably smaller once you attach the brim so be careful not to make the hat too tight. Now for the brim of your hat. Basically we are going to make a doughnut shape. To get your inner circle find something like a plate that is around a half inch smaller than the opening of your hat. Now find something that is about five inches larger than your hat this will make the outer brim of your hat.

Cut out your doughnut shape. Cut notches all around the inner circle of your brim. These notches will be folded up and glued to the top portion of your hat to connect them together. Refer to the photos above to get an idea of what I mean. Now you are ready to cover your hat. Get your mod podge out and cut your fabric pieces into random triangle and squarish shapes.

These are meant to simulate patches on a hat. I don't know exactly how much fabric you will need but a half yard of different fabrics should be enough. Once you have a bunch of pieces cut start covering your hat.. Once the whole outside of the top part of the hat is covered in fabric and both sides of the rim. Go back over the whole thing with another layer of the mod podge.

Let dry. Use your glue gun to glue the black piping all around the edge of your brim and also the edge of the top of the hat. The piping will cover up any messy edges from the fabric. Yes we will be leaving the top of the hat open.

Unless someone is extremely tall they will have no idea that it is open. And even if they notice, well you are a mad hatter right??? Now try the hat on. You will need to manipulate the brim of the hat so that it has a curve to it.

Don't be afraid to bend the rim into place. While your hat is drying you can work on the accessories. Really just any kind of fabric will do, but I used one with a silky sheen to it. Once your hat dries you will fold over the raw edges and cut it to fit around the hat. Scrunch it up and like in the photo and then hot glue it to the hat. If you are really particular you could sew your sash before attaching but I felt like tucking under all the rough edges and gluing worked just as well.

For the golden hat pins I just took wooden skewers like the kind you use for kabobs and shaped a piece of air dry clay into the shapes I wanted. This recipe for I found for Home made Model Magic would be perfect for this project: Then paint them with gold spray paint or acrylic craft paint.

Add a peacock feather and draw a hat sizing slip out of a piece of paper, use the glue gun to glue the accessories in place under your ribbon. I used a fabric similar to this one polka dot fabric Then painted over most of the white. I will explain how I did it in the step below. When creating this costume I really wanted to copy as closely as I could this costume that Johnny Depp wore. When I went out searching for fabric to for the bow tie I couldn't find anything that looked like the one in the picture.

So I had to make my own. First I searched for some fabric with brightly colored polka-dots. I found one with large polka-dots on a white background. Not exactly like the picture but close enough that I felt like I could transform it with a little craft paint. I used black acrylic craft paint watered down so that it was more of a water color consistency. This makes it easier to apply and also makes it so the fabric stays flexible when dry.

I simply channeled the abstract artist in myself and painted black and random black dots around the colored polka-dots to cover up most of the white. Ta da! We now have some material that looks more like the fabric pictured. To form the tie cut two 8 inch strips as wide as the fabric you got, mine was 45 inches wide. You will need to figure out a way to attach the two strips together.

The easiest of course is to just sew them. But if you don't have access to a sewing machine you could hand sew them or use fabric glue.

Place it around your neck or around the neck of the person who is wearing it and tie a simple bow. Leaving the seam you made attaching the two pieces together in the back so that you can't see it. Tuck rough edges under and out of sight. If you would like you could hem the rough edges under just make sure to cut your fabric a little wider for seam allowances. I didn't mind leaving mine rough because I thought it added to the rough character of the costume.

Once you have the bow the way you like it around your neck trim any extra material hanging down the bottom. I didn't trim mine much. I liked having extra material to tuck into my jacket. Be creative, don't worry if your thrift store doesn't have exactly what you are looking for. Remember this is the mad hatter and his outfit just needs to look a little wacky.

You might even have some old clothes laying around your house that would work perfect for this outfit. You could even make it a little more feminine for the girls.

I included a collage of photos that illustrate what I mean. Some of these are exactly like the original mad hatter costume others took creative liberty and put their own personal style into their outfits. Strips red fabric I used red so that it wouldn't show through the pieces of hair that I attached. I found a red devil wig that worked perfect for this costume.

I just cut the horns off and it was perfect. But really any wig that is about shoulder length and a little curly would work perfect. If you have the right length of hair you could also get orange hair spray and crimp your hair and skip the wig entirely. If your wig is not shoulder length trim it a bit, don't worry about your cutting skills this hairdo is messy and it won't matter if it is uneven. Save your clippings for the eyebrows. For the eyebrows either use the clippings from trimming your wig or cut a few pieces carefully here and there from your wig.

Now cut strips of red fabric in a small rectangle or the shape of your eyebrows. Take your clippings and glue them to the strips of fabric in the shape shown in the photo.

To attach your eyebrows to your face, use a bit of eyelash glue. Avoid attaching them directly to your own eyebrows. Eyelash glue is very sticky and you might end up ripping out a few of your eyebrow hairs when taking them off.

The eyebrows are big so you should be able to attach them with a few dots of glue around the eyebrow instead of directly on it. If you would like your wig to be more of an orange shade like the Johnny Depp's then use orange hair spray to get your wig and eyelashes more of the right shade. Last of all to get that wild hair look you will need to do a bit of gluing once you have your costume on. Put on the wig and hat. Don't worry it won't be permanent.

You can pull the glue off when you are done. If you are using your own hair don't do this!!!

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