How to make chum for sharks

how to make chum for sharks

Chumming up Sharks

May 26, A great "How to" Episode by Totally Awesome Fishing. Graeme Pullen shows you the deadly chum that gets him the big sharks! A must watch video!! Like this vid. May 29, With a week long shark fishing trip planned for the southeast coast, I needed to mix up a bucket of chum. My concoction is fairly simple; fish, oats or simi.

We are familiar with groups of people going out on boats to view whales frolicking and feeding out there on the briny. Whale watching has an enormous following. But what about us shark aficionados. I do it all the time. Of course you will need sharks within the range of your boat. Whales spend a lot of time loafing around in view, and go to the surface for air, which makes them easier to spot.

Sharks forr a little coaxing to show up at boatside. By using proper chumming techniques you can lure sharks to your boat, and by tossing the sharks a few fish tidbits, you can keep them in view for hours. There are certain species of sharks that will readily come to your boat and stay ; sharks like the blue, Prionace glauca, are a good example.

How to make chum for sharks the mako, porbeagle and thresher will come very close, but only remain at the boat for a few minutes. If you are outside of New England, you may have different species in your area than the ones I mentioned.

Learning how to identify the different species in your areawatching them swim, and observing their behavior is very enjoyable. There are some violent encounters you may witness, such as a mako attacking and killing a blue shark next to your boat. Whether you are a shark fisheror a watcher, or just want to tag some sharks, or just photograph chhum, properly setting up a chum slick in an area, known to have sharks, is the most important part of shark fishing and attracting sharks.

The area you select to chum will be determined from your own xhum with sharks. If you are lacking shark experience, you can get out a chart and talk to local fishermen who have had experiences with sharks within your boating range.

Once you have selected an area, there are a several other factors to consider in chumming. What are you to use for chum? Where are you going to obtain it.? Where are you going to store it? How are you going to dispense it? How much do you need for a day of shark watching, or fishing. If you only go out for shark fishing or viewing a few times a year you are better off buying frozen chum from a local dealer. No doubt about that. You will need at least 4 or 5 what are your hopes for the future of frozen chum for a days chumming; possibly two 5 gal.

Grinding up your own chum is messy, time consuming, and you will need a place to freeze and store it. And effort is the key word. You will have to catch or buy the fish to be ground up. Grind up small fish like herring, mackerelmenhaden or whatever small fish are available in your area.

If you grind your own, put the ground up chum in 4 or 5 gal buckets, leaving it down an inch to two inches how to make chum for sharks the top to allow for expansion when it freezes. I prefer the four gallon buckets which are easier to store and easier to handle.

When we grind, we continuously spray how to get home insurance after being dropped little menhaden oil into the ground up chum. Mske fill a few smaller size buckets. These smaller amounts in 1- 3 gal sizes are easy to add to sharkks chum dispenser if the regular chum runs down, and because of time constraints, or at the end of the day you may not want to add a full larger bucket.

There are always more buckets around than lids. To give you an idea of how much fish you might aharks to grind up; a hundred pounds of small fish like mackerel and herring will yield about three 5 gal buckets of ground up chum. From these basic figures you can estimate what you need. Also left over chum from a day at sea, may be how to make chum for sharks and used again in the same year.

Some sharkers, opt for not using frozen chum at all. They just bring out some iced down relatively fresh bait fish, and chop it up when they get to their watery destination. So basically 4 gals of chum is the minimum to take; 5 to 8 gals is the norm for a daily shark trip.

You will have to adjust for the area that you fish. For example we may be shark fishing in 57 deg water in Mass. The simplistic perception of chumming is you put fish blood in the water and wait for a shark to show up. That will work, but like all endeavors there are some nuances worth learning to give you a better chance to succeed.

When a shark enters a what is the annual return on a roth ira chum slick of ground up fish, it will follow it unerringly, sometimes for miles, to the exact source hopefully, your boat. Their life depends on that ability. Different chumming devices There is no end to how you can dispense chum, so be how to make chum for sharks. Here are a few methods. You can make up your own if you like.

Floatation for these devices will be discussed later. Winston Churchill said. Do not put your chum into the water unless it how to put on a muzzle leash in a device that protects it from shark bites. A plastic bucket is fine. Using an unprotected mesh bag, like an onion bag, a divers nylon lobster bag ,a mesh laundry bag or one of those yellow perforated canyon chum bags is an invitation to disaster.

If you are going to use such a bag, surround it with a wire cage. They hang on so forcibly that you could pull gow into the boat. The chum bag will be shredded and you will lose the chum. Some circumstances will require you to move your boat out of the chum slick.

You may want to jettison your chumming device if you hook up on a running jumping mako, or other large shark that might empty your reel if you remained stationary. Or if you are also jigging the bottom for cod and how to make chum for sharks into some really big cod you chumm want to leave the mqke device and go back up over the cod instead of drifting away from them.

Many anglers codfish while waiting for sharks to show up. It would not be that uncommon to have a bluefin tuna grab your cod jig right on the bottom or when it is on the way down, that is another reason you may want to leave the chumming device and go battle a tuna that has grabbed your jig on a cod rod.

Here are a couple of suggestions for a floating chum dispenser you can jettison to keep your slick uninterrupted. Hw avoid spilling chum all over the deck; take a 5 gal bucket of frozen chumremove the lid, let the bucket sit upright on the deck. Take a tightly fitting, suitable square plastic box, like a milk crate that has holes in the box bottom to allow the chum to get out, and jam it onto the upright lidless 5 gallon bucket.

Pick up the bucket and crate About 35 xharks. The tie lines are attached to the box and come over the bottom of the chum bucket bottom to keep it in place. Secure a line or nylon covered cable line from the boat to the crate handles. When you put the bucket overboard put it in so the box is upright and the bucket is now upside down, with the open face of the bucket under water.

The bucket and sharkx may lay sideways but that is still alright male long as the how to make chum for sharks is reaching the exposed chum in the lidless bucket. Another chumming method is to place the frozen chum from a bucket into a nylon, close meshed bag, or other perforated soft bag. Tie the neck tightly. Use tie wraps if you have them; and put the chum filled bag inside a secure wire mesh cage of one inch square or less. If the how to build a wood castle wire mesh on the cage is to big, the bag will work its way sjarks as the chum dissipates or the sharks will grab the protruding bag and shred it.

The cage will prevent the sharks from biting open the chum bag. You may use up a lot of chum with this method since all the surface of the chum in the bag is exposed to the water.

This method allows you to see how much chum is remaining in the bag. In cooler water, 55 deg. If the water is warmer than that, and you will be there longer than 4 hours, take along and extra 5 gal bucket of chum, and add it when needed.

If you have to leave your chumming device this flag device can be clipped onto the chumming device when you let hod go, and will help you locate it after you return. Test your marker setup before going offshore. Make sure it will stay afloat and vertical while attached to your chumming device. Make sure to use a snap that is difficult to open. The box and bucket will float but the metal mesh cage will sink if the float marker come loose. Put a couple of floats permanently attached to the metal mesh cage as a fpr.

Then dump in the frozen contents from a 4 gal bucket of chum. A big snap on the end of a nylon covered cable is attached through a suitably drilled hole in the lid and through a drilled hole in the top side edge of the bucket. That will also help secure down the cover. The end of the nylon covered cable to the snap, can be secured to the boat.

Opposite the snap on the bucket lid snap, two tie wraps can secure the other side of the lid to the bucket side utilizing the sbarks holes in the lid and top side of the bucket. In this type of setup the 4 gallons of chum inside will last almost all day. You can easily make up a couple of these buckets for different conditions. Warmer water and how to make chum for sharks seas use up more chum; therefore use less holes. If you are fishing on a boat with a generator and have access to volts at sea, you can use an electric drill and just drill your holes into the full makke gal bucket of chum.

One time we were drilling holes into a full chum bucket when a wave came over the transomit flooded the cockpit and gave the person holding the drill a shocking experience. Fortunately the Ground Fault Interupter tripped and cut off the electrical supply.

He was OK. As always- be careful.


Jul 26, On The Water's Anthony DeiCicchi gives a few useful tips for making your own chum for shark us out for more fishing articles, videos, and gear!. Aug 20, have been asked how I make my chum, so here you go.. ENJOY!Lets GO SHARK FISHING!!! An easy chumming system is to drill 1/2 inch dia holes every 3 or 4 inches all around an empty 5 gal bucket including the lid and bottom. Then dump in the frozen contents from a 4 gal bucket of chum. (You wont get 5 gals into the bucket, since the bucket .

Well, to help increase your chances of loading up the live well, fish chum can be one of your best weapons. So we invited Salt Strong contributor Chasten Whitfield to share her best fish chum recipe and chumming tips.

You look around to see that many of the local charter captains are already there, getting ready to cast their nets while they chum the pods of bait closer to their boats.

One captain loads up his cast net and throws a perfect pancake right on top of the bait pod. If this has happened to you I have the resolution to solve this bait issue. Where you throw the chum all depends on the following three things:.

If the tide is going out then anchor up current of the bait and throw your chum towards the front of the boat so it will have time to sink so the bait will smell it. The bait should be schooled up off the back of the boat so all you have to do is just open the net on top of the bait. If you accidently add too much water to the chum simply add some more of the tropical fish food to thicken up the chum. This chum mixture is great to feed the crabs and shrimp we pen up during the different seasons.

You can keep any leftover chum in a bucket for later during your day of fishing to possibly use again if you kill your bait or if you see more bait to chum up. Be sure to discard your chum mixture at the end of the day. And one helpful tip about this chum is to always keep a lid on the bucket when not in use. Keep it in a secure container. Sign up for FREE to receive the latest saltwater fishing videos, tutorials, product reviews, and fishing product discounts!

You Rock! I was never able to find the Purina Tropical fish food. Did anyone else find it? This is all I could find about it. But the stuff in this article looks like it pellets.

Does anybody know where i can buy the purina tropical fish food? I live in west palm beach fl and u would think it would be easy to find. But its not. U would think by living in a state surrounded by water and millions of tropical fish that a 50lbs bag of tropical fish food could be found just about anywhere.

But not in the good ol state of Florida. Its like we live in the middle of the ozark mts. Ive been everywhere and called everybody i can think of and nobody has it. I even tried to find a contract number for purina and thats like trying to get a number to the Pentagon or the white house. So if anyone can help me it would be deeply appropriated. Thank u. Awesome video!!! Hi ChastenGreat website and info!

Is it under a different brand or fish category? They only show food for the following species:. Any additional guidance on getting this product or another brand is appreciated. I heading to Port Charlotte in the morning! If you call there they will tell you no one buys this as fish food, only fisherman buy it. So, the game fish chow is the name we need to look for? Found the exact same bag identified in her link at a local feed store but it comes in a pellet form, not a powder like shown in the video.

Perhaps she grinds it up or perhaps she is buying something different since it was first called Purina Tropical Fish Food. I purchased mine at discount tackle but most of the tackle shops have them. Awesome video. A little bit of Quaker oats added to recipe will give you a little more bang for you buck. Keep up the great work. Reading this old thread againafter last year. The link you posted was for pelletsand you never replied as to the question about using a powder in the video.

Hey Randy, thanks for highlighting the issue. Chasten no longer works for Salt Strong so these comments now come to me. The Purina power is tough to find online. Many tackle stores along the Gulf coast of FL carry it and some of them sell from their online store too. In December of , these two brothers shocked their clients, friends, and family by quitting their 6-figure jobs to start their dream focused on helping saltwater anglers:. Email: fish saltstrong. Search for:. Join The Insider Club.

Menu Close. By: Joseph Simonds on April 5, Found In: Fishing Tips. Comments One cast. Blacked out live well. A live well blacked out with bait. This type of chum can work on the grass flats or in deep water to about 15 feet. Call around to your local feed store and ask for Purina Tropical Fish food. I buy it in the 50 lb bag. Add water but not too much because it will get too watery.

You want your chum to be a little watery but more like mud. Note that I start by adding just a few hand fulls to the bucket at a time. You want it to be thick so when you throw it in the water it breaks apart and spreads out. Lastly, you add the secret ingredient, menhaden oil. You add a couple squirts of the oil and mix it in and now you have the secret potion. Ball it up into small balls and get ready to toss Throwing The Chum Where you throw the chum all depends on the following three things: Tide Which way the water is going How fast the chum sinks If the tide is going out then anchor up current of the bait and throw your chum towards the front of the boat so it will have time to sink so the bait will smell it.

Fish Chumming Tips If you accidently add too much water to the chum simply add some more of the tropical fish food to thicken up the chum. Fish Chumming Video Sign up for FREE to receive the latest saltwater fishing videos, tutorials, product reviews, and fishing product discounts!

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