How to make cd packaging

how to make cd packaging

Optical disc packaging

Packaging is a great opportunity for your album to stand out, so make sure to get creative! Jewel cases are the original CD cases, but there are many options to explore. From Digipacks to jackets to eco-wallets, there is no right or wrong choice when it comes to your packaging preference. CD inserts and tray cards for jewel case packaging, CD jackets, 4 panel wallets, digipaks, and amaray cases. Once you have competed your design, you can upload your content files using the MediaXpress file upload tool at the top of the website. We specialize in custom printed short run CD /5(25).

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CD inserts and tray cards for jewel case packaging, CD jackets, 4 panel wallets, digipaks, and amaray cases. Once you have competed your design, you can upload your content files using the MediaXpress file upload tool at the top of the website. Our discs are printed using a six-color UV cured ink jet process. Our in-house printing department utilizes a brand new digital 13 x 19 press for all of your collateral material.

The quality is amazing and you can order as little as twenty five units. All our printed products come with a percent guarantee. Packaginy Design: Take advantage of our award winning design department, we make it affordable to produce an album, of which you can be proud.

We also offer pre-flight services of your graphic files. All of our design how to make cd packaging are available online. Custom printed packaging: MediaXpress offers custom printed packaging, foil stamped digipaks, embossed 4 panel wallets, posters, call us for a quote if you have an idea on a unique packaging Idea you would like to create. Upload tool for supplied files: We have a robust 2Gb file upload tool at the top of our website.

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Our custom CD packaging includes Digipaks, jewel cases, CD jackets and eco-friendly wallets. Disc Makers delivers high quality disc packaging, CD replication and DVD replication. Compare packages Our most popular disc packaging options Don't see what you're looking for? Create your own from scratch.. Most of our CD packaging options are available in 3, 5, or days! Disc Makers is the Low Price leader of CD duplication, DVD duplication, DVD & CD manufacturing, CD replication, CD/DVD duplicators, Blu-ray and USB flash drives.

CDs are indeed widely use and they are always presented with a packaging. Although, the CD packaging may be less important than the CD it carries, we cannot deny the fact that it is relevant. Aside from telling and showing the people what CD is inside it, the packaging also protects the CD. It also helps in the promotion and advertisement of the CD.

Some people even opt to buy a CD because of its great packaging. Graphic designers give life to CDs. CD package designing is also challenging for it should be able to catch the attention of the buyers and should also relay the right message.

If you are a graphic designer who would like to make a name in CD package designing, here are some tips for you:. Image: darioberardi. There are lots of CDs on display and one best way to get the attention of the people is by having an attention grabbing design.

It should stand out in the CD display racks. Also, aside from being picked up by buyers, it can also drive people to buy the original CD and not the pirated one because of the great design of the packaging. Pirated CDs cannot imitate the beauty of the original CD especially if you used a different material for it. If you use your imagination and you think out of the box, your CD packaging is a sure hit like the CD itself. You can use a different material for the cover like cloth and you can decorate it with various items and elements to make it unique.

Some even put freebies inside like posters, calendars, bookmarks, and others. People love things that are free and some also love to collect items that are uniquely decorated.

So, be creative and go beyond the limits of mere board or plastic coverings. Image: Beck 8 Bit Variations. Above all, the most important thing is the CD inside the packaging. It would be useless to have a great design if your CD will not be protected. After all, it is the reason why people will buy it. The primary aim of a packaging is to protect the CD from dust, scratches, and anything that could damage it.

Bear in mind that functionality is the most important thing to consider. You can still be creative while making the cover a good protection for the CD.

Image: silocult. Aside from functionality, you should also see to it that the CD can easily be transported. It should not consume a lot of space and can be placed inside regular shaped boxes. Do not make it too bulky and too heavy. Weight of the CD packaging matters for it could mean additional shipping costs for the client. Image: ruthnella. People usually stick with the trend and as a designer; it could be wise if you are always updated with the latest trends in CD packaging. Despite your busy schedule, do have time to know what is in and out for the particular field you are designing for.

You can do this by reading magazines, blog posts, and looking for design inspirations every day. This could pave way to a steadier career in CD packaging design. But it is not really that necessary to follow the trends. Some designers opt to be unique and still make a huge difference for their clients through the impressive design. Remember that the CD is owned by your client. Whatever type of CD it is, may it be an album, a movie, a documentary or a presentation, you still need to consider what the client wants to see in their CD packaging.

But you should also suggest some ideas that could make the design better. Suggesting is different from insisting.

Merely suggest and do not insist to use your ideas for the client might feel that you have totally disregarded their design preferences on a CD they actually own. After you have a meeting with your client about the design, you have to stick on what you have agreed upon most especially the design.

Also, do not forget to communicate well with your client so that everything will be smooth sailing. Image: hayasaproductions. Your client will surely appreciate it if there are different designs they can choose from. You can make 3 to 5 options. But in doing this, be sure that the ideas of the client are integrated in every design. Your client could choose from your designs or might ask you to combine some elements from two or three different designs.

This gives your client a greater chance for much attractive CD design cover. Image: Princess-of-shadows. In making your design, allow the artist to choose the style for it so that it could reflect his or her personality. This is important so that one glimpse of the CD, the people will already know who owns it. One can build a name through the packaging of their albums which could be one of the reasons why people will purchase it.

Image: kamphausendesign. In being creative, you can also be eco-friendly by using materials that are good for the environment. This way, you are not just creating something for your client but you are also advocating for a good cause.

There are so many ways to do this like using recycled paper and soy-based ink. Or you can have an eco-friendly theme for your CD packaging design. Although, this might cost a bit higher but you could suggest this to your client as well. Some people even opt to donate a part of their earnings to an organization or foundation that aims to help save the environment.

The appeal of a CD packaging truly lies in the creative mind of a graphic designer. Hence, it is indeed a big challenge and responsibility to come up with a design that will not only impress the client but will also help in the promotion of the CD. Have you tried designing for a CD? What were the things you considered in the design? About the author: Founder of a osmiva.

Despite her busy schedule, she always find time to read books, Photography and write articles during her spare time. All rights Reserved. Thanks for the idea in designing a Cd, getting started for my new business. Like the design and the content of the article is very inspiring. Previous Previous post: 30 Expressive Silhouette Photography.

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