How to make a cod5 mod menu

how to make a cod5 mod menu

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Dec 22,  · createRectangle script belowPart 1 of 3 of how to make a cod 5 mod menu base i did try my best to make it simple and if you liked it please comment and subsc. Nov 01,  · mod pack agx wx iso

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Aug 12,  · This is a tutorial on how to install a Call Of Duty World At War Multi Mod Menu for Multiplayer-Zombies. If You have enjoyed this video please slap that Like. how to make a mod menu tutorial go to the advanced section and follow these instructions setting:activeaction value:bind2 button_start vstr a (you need to put this to start the mod menu this means press start to activeate mods:go to setting a) add setting setting:a value:vstr b;vstr c;vstr D;vstr e;vstr f;vstr g;vstr h;vstr i;vstr j (this means activeate all these settings now add setting setting:b. mainMenu = new UIMenu("Mod Menu", "SELECT AN OPTION"); instantiates a new UIMenu, whose title, is Mod Menu and the subtitle is SELECT AN OPTION. You can of course edit these to whatever you want, but I will be keeping these throughout the tutorial. In the last line, we add our mainMenu to our menuPool. Simple, right?

Skip to content. Permalink master. Branches Tags. Nothing to show. Raw Blame. The info is mostly compiled from several other posts that can be found on this site with a little editing by me. First off you have to run your custom map server as a modded server so that the clients can download your maps and files. Here's a brief tutorial on how to set up a modded server. How to set up a modded server 1. You can call it what you like. For illustration purposes, I will call mine 'awe4'. On your redirect space, create a root folder that you will use for all your servers.

I will call mine 'cod4'. Inside this folder, create a folder called 'mods' all lower case. I will call mine 'awe4'. On your server, into the 'awe4' folder place your mod IWD. Also place in there mod. Copy those files from your server to your redirect space - i. In your server config file, enter your redirect details.

Notice that you quote only up to the root of where you store your download files. That should cover the basics on how to set up a mod and thanks to Tally for his original post on the subject. Now onto how to set up the custom maps. Custom map setup information: When you download a custom map from it's source you should find at least 3 files. To run the custom maps from your server you need to make a new folder called "usermaps". This folder is placed in your root directory where you have your game installed right next to the other folders such as Docs, main, miles and so on.

At this point I will also add that you can combine your map iwd's into one iwd if you so wish. This keeps the number of downloads to your clients to a lower number. Redirect setup for custom maps The next thing to do is to create a new folder at your website where you are hosting your files.

In our case our root folder is called cod4. Inside that we have our mod folder called awe4. Along side of the mod folder you need to create a new folder called usermaps. You place a copy of your custom map folder containing the ff files inside this usermaps folder just like you did on your server.

Then the mapname. You should now have a root folder at your download site with two folders inside it. Lastly you need to update your map rotation to run the new maps. You signed in with another tab or window.

Reload to refresh your session. You signed out in another tab or window. Here's a brief walk through on how to set up custom maps on your server. The entire path should look something like this:. So, in your command line you would add something like this:.

A forward slash and lower-case 'm' in mods. So the entire command line would look something like this:. On previous versions of COD the disconnected setting could be a 1 but for now until IW puts out a fix for it leave this setting at 0. When you download a custom map from it's source you should find at least 3 files. It should look something like this:. Inside the usermaps folder each map should have it's own folder that's titled the name of the map.

So it should look something like this:. The next thing to do is to create a new folder at your website where you are hosting your files.

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