How to have a baby girl youtube

how to have a baby girl youtube

Natural Methods to Increase Your Chances of Conceiving a Boy

Jul 30, †Ј Hi guys! I hope this video helps some of you out! Feel free to leave comments down below!+HOW TO CONCEIVE A BABY us on. Jan 31, †Ј Want to get pregnant with a girl? In this official video, we've compiled the top six tips for getting pregnant with a baby girl ri.

Do you have your heart set on getting pregnant with a girl? Or dreams of getting pregnant with a boy? Whatever you're hoping how to have a baby girl youtube, there are a number of ways Ч some scientific, others silly Ч that just might give Mother Nature a nudge and increase your chancess of conceiving a boy or a girl. Here's what you should know about gender selection techniques Ч including the high-tech, the low-tech and the no-tech options!

With preimplantation genetic diagnosis PGDused in conjunction with in-vitro fertilization IVFdoctors can extract one cell from the rapidly dividing embryo fertilized in the petri dish and examine it to determine sex. Only embryos of the desired sex can be implanted in the mother's uterus. That said, using PGD to choose your child's sex is controversial not to mention costly.

This method was developed to help couples who have gone through genetic testing and know they are carriers of serious genetic disorders Ч and most fertility centers and medical organizations discourage it if there is no real medical reason to select baby's sex. Some genetic disorders, for example, are specifically linked to sex, such as Duchenne muscular dystrophy DMDwhich mostly occurs in boys. PGS counts the number of chromosomes and tests for chromosomal abnormalities.

Other fertility clinics will let parents choose the sex of their baby if they've already had one or more children of the same sex Ч a term called "family balancing. Sperm sorting, also known as the MicroSort Method, is done using flow cytometry, in which the girl-producing sperm X-sperm is separated from boy-producing sperm Y-sperm. How to connect my pc to broadband sperm contains about 3 percent more DNA than boys', and when stained with a special fluorescent material in the lab, appears to shine brighter.

Sperm sorting is less reliable than gender selection with PDG, which is nearly percent accurate in selecting the desired how much is it to call ireland. Though there is no medical data whatsoever to back up the efficacy of the so-called Shettles Method, some couples swear by it and how to have a baby girl youtube decide to give it a try.

The theory behind the Shettles Method is that girl-producing sperm called X-sperm move more slowly but are more resilient and live how to have a baby girl youtube than male-producing sperm aka Y-spermwhich are faster how to use shampoo and conditioner effectively have shorter life spans. What that means, the story goes, is that couples can try having sex to conceive two to three days before the woman is scheduled to ovulate.

The thinking is that it might up the chances for the girl X-sperm to be the ones still waiting around in the fallopian tubes by the time the egg drops in a few days later. If you're trying for a boy, on the other hand, the theory is that having sex as close as possible to ovulation is the ticket, since the speedy boy Y-sperm could be more likely to reach the egg first. As long as you realize that your odds of the Shettles Method working are pretty much the same chance you have of getting pregnant with a baby girl or a baby boy, it certainly can't hurt to give it a whirl!

The Whelan Method of gender selection is based how to use zune music pass on windows phone similar theories as the Shettles Method, and it's equally short on medical evidence supporting its effectiveness. But if you go into it realizing there's absolutely no solid science behind it, there's no harm in trying it out.

So if they're hoping for a boy, the theory says, couples can try to have sex four to six days before ovulation. And to conceive a girl, they can hit the sheets either two to three days before ovulation or on the day the woman ovulates.

That said, if you're the "ring gender test" type and understand how to have a baby girl youtube Whelan Method has about the same odds of determining whether you'll give birth to a boy or a girl, then by all means, have fun with it! There are a variety of kits available that claim to improve baby sex selection odds. They're based on altering the conditions around the egg and sperm Ч by using nutritional supplements and douches Ч to make the vaginal tract more receptive to either the X- or Y-sperm.

There's no such thing as a diet that can boost your odds of conceiving a boy or girl, but that hasn't stopped people from speculating about it. Some theories say that eating foods low in sodium and high in calcium can increase your chances of having a girl. Others claim that your diet should include eggs, yogurt and chocolate if you want a girl and red meat, potassium-rich foods like bananas, and salty dishes if you want a boy. Theories abound about whether certain sex positions can help you conceive a boy or girl Ч but as you can imagine, there's no evidence showing that, say, having sex standing up can help you have a boy, or missionary position makes you more likely to have a girl.

Same goes for the theories about who has an orgasm first. Still, there's no harm in trying! As promising Ч and unpromising Ч as some of these methods sound, keep in mind that high-tech gender selection techniques can be expensive, invasive and controversial. As for the low-tech ways of conceiving, they haven't been shown to be any more successful than just letting nature take its course.

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How to Have a Boy or a Girl. Medically Reviewed by Aaron Styer, M. If you're hoping for a girl or boy, there are some gender selection techniques that may help you give birth to the baby of your preferred sex.

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Is There a Specific Diet for Having a Baby Boy?

Aug 10, †Ј Unless you pursue post-fertilization sex selection, the chances that you will have a baby girl will always remain roughly at 50/ Try to approach your baby's sex philosophically and don't have your heart too set on any particular sex. Remember that the most important things are the health and happiness of your child. This crazy girl want a baby and she does everything to make it likeloveus.comr: Mar 12, †Ј Do you have your heart set on getting pregnant with a girl? Or dreams of getting pregnant with a boy? While having a healthy baby is most certainly your top priority, itТs also common to want a baby of one sex or the other, especially if you've already had a baby .

If you're hoping for a girl, or really dreaming of a boy -- here's all you need to know about gender determination. Every mom-to-be says all she wants is a healthy child, but let's be real: Most people secretly have a gender preference for their next pregnancy.

Hey, no judgments here! You may have even scoped out a few conception-time tricks to tip the scales one way or another. Don't go painting the nursery pink or blue, however, until you hear this mom's take.

She ought to know -- she's tried to game the gender system herself. While there is no precise science to making a boy or girl outside of high-tech gender selection, there is a germ of truth behind the most commonly-touted but not scientifically proven!

It involves having intercourse three days before you ovulate and zero intercourse after ovulation to maximize your chances of having a girl. For couples that want a boy, the advice is to have sex only on the day you ovulate. Before we get into the whys, a quick refresher on how this whole gender determination thing works. Men and women bring two different sets of chromosomes to the baby-making hoedown.

Women carry two X chromosomes and men carry both an X and a Y; each contributes one chromosome through the egg and sperm respectively. All eggs are Xs, but sperm can be either X or Y so it's really the guy's contribution that determines gender. When it comes to down to the main event, certain sperm have a competitive advantage depending on when you have intercourse.

The theory is that if you have intercourse right at the time the egg is released, all the fastest sperm that get to the egg will be Y-bearing sperm.

So getting busy any earlier means that Y guys will have theoretically burned off their energy and died off by the time the egg was released. Because the female-oriented sperm are naturally hardier oh, you so knew that was the case! While that all makes sense in theory, it hasn't been proven to work out that way in real life.

More importantly, the method may leave you without a pregnancy at all. Bottom line: If you really want a boy and aren't in any hurry to conceive, it doesn't hurt to try your luck. Couples who would be happy with either gender should have sex every other day leading up to ovulation and on the day of just to be safe. Your diet may also have a bit of an impact on whether you conceive a son or daughter, but maybe not in the way you suspect.

For years, moms whispered that eating lots of fish, veggies, and plenty of dessert will give you a girl, while a diet packed with red meat and salt-laden snacks bestows a boy.

Neither plan is detrimental if it's part of a balanced diet, but the exact breakdown hasn't been studied enough to be proven one way or another. A recent study in the UK did show an association between eating breakfast cereal, plus a diet rich in potassium, and vitamins such as B, C and D and giving birth to boys.

It's not clear if the morning meal actually caused the boy switch to flip or whether there's a correlation to eating more calories instead.

In the study, moms who had girls generally had an average of fewer calories and fewer milligrams of potassium per day than women who delivered boys. Despite total lack of scientific veracity, plenty of other old wives' tales abound. There's the one that a cup of coffee 20 minutes before sex stimulates production of sperm, giving Y-bearing swimmers a head start. Or claims that certain sexual positions make a difference, e.

Not one of these ideas, however, has ever been proven. Some methods may even dash your hopes of having a kid altogether. Douching with water and vinegar has been touted as a way to bring about a girl because it makes the vaginal environment more acidic. But experts say douching can interfere with cervical mucus and instead make the vagina hostile to sperm in general.

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