How to eat raw hemp seeds

how to eat raw hemp seeds

I Swapped My Usual Snack for Hemp SeedsHeres How to Eat Them in 15 Ways

Jun 15, Well+Good readers share their favorite ways to cook and eat hemp seeds Severing: On top of salads, or in my vinaigrettes. In my chia seed spread for sandwiches. May 11, Eating shelled hemp seeds, or hemp hearts, is as simple as sprinkling a spoonful or two into smoothies or on top of cereal, salads, or yogurt, says Kelly Saunderson of .

How to eat hemp seeds? And many weighed in with super smart ideas and recipes. Here are 15 easy ways they get down with hemp seeds. So you can, too. Severing: On top of salads, or in my vinaigrettes. In my chia seed spread for sandwiches. Sewds I always have them on hand. Great to add to anything. Easy to make hemp milk too. Tismejenny: I make hemp milk and add it raw to smoothies and the he,p.

Love this brand in particular. Salad dressing with garlic, olive oil, lemon, honey. Add it to my smoothies and oatmeal in the morning. Or to homemade granola. Fernolivia: For an easy lunch, I sprinkle extra virgin olive oil over greens and top with hemp hearts. I take them with me in my bag everywhere, along with Himalayan sea salt. No joke. I am known to order a simple salad at the bar because it is the only healthy, plant-based option and ask for avocado if they have it, and I get all my proteins and minerals with my carry-on toppings!

And sprinkled on protein pancakes just before flipping to the second side. PamelayLong: Add them to quinoa flakes or oatmeal, I also sprinkle on almond or coconut yogurt for a yummy and nutritious snack. Emmyparr: I have hemp hearts in my refrigerator right now! Simple is good. I use them in smoothies, in salads, added to how to make an xp boot disc before I eat it.

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Keep reading for 15 ideas for how to eat hemp seeds.

Jan 17, Add to smoothies: Add a tablespoon of hemp seeds to a smoothie and blend well. Blend into hummus: When making your next batch of hummus, at a tablespoon or two and blend it up! Sprinkle on salads: Use hemp seeds as a topping on salads, both for yourself and kid-friendly salads.

As far as the nut and seed world goes, hemp seeds are like the straight-A student who's also captain of the football team. A couple of spoonfuls of hemp seeds packs a serious amount of essential nutrients, they're easy to eat and cook with, and they have a pleasantly nutty taste, like a cross between a sunflower seed and a pine nut. And no, they won't get you remotely high. Here's everything you need to know about how to buy and eat these little seeds. Although hemp and marijuana are members of the same species, Cannabis sativa , they're in effect completely different plants.

There are about a dozen varieties of hemp plants that are grown for food, and all of them contain about 0. This means you can eat as much hemp as you want and you'll never have to worry about getting high or failing a drug test. Although certain states have begun to legalize the cultivation of industrial hemp in the last couple of years, the hemp seeds you can find at your grocery or health food store were likely grown in Canada or China.

Photo: Kimberley Hasselbrink. Hemp plants grow brown popcorn kernel-sized hard seeds. Inside these hard seeds lie soft, white or light green inner kernels that are packed with essential amino acids, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids. You can't really derive a lot of nutritional value from the unhulled seeds, so when you see a bag at the store labeled "hemp seeds," what you're actually buying is those soft inner kernels, also known as hemp hearts.

Hemp hearts can be pressed to make hemp seed oil, leaving behind a byproduct that can be turned into hemp protein powder. You can find all of these hemp products at health food stores, or a well-stocked grocery store like Whole Foods. Eating shelled hemp seeds, or hemp hearts, is as simple as sprinkling a spoonful or two into smoothies or on top of cereal, salads, or yogurt, says Kelly Saunderson of Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods , the world's largest hemp foods manufacturer.

People with gluten sensitivity can use hemp seeds as a substitute for breadcrumbs to coat chicken or fish. Just like you can blend almonds and water to make almond milk, you can do the same with hemp seeds for hemp seed milk , which you can use as an alternative to dairy milk in drinks and recipes. And because of its nutty flavor, hemp seeds make a great substitute for people with nut allergiesyou can dry-toast them over low heat to bring out even more of that nuttiness. Hemp seed oil should be used as a finishing oil, rather than a cooking or frying oil, since the delicate omega fatty acids will break down during the cooking process, stripping the oil of its nutritional benefits.

Instead, use it to make salad dressings, or drizzle over pasta, grilled veggies, or popcorn. Sprinkle a spoonful of hemp seeds over anything you think could use a boost of protein. Hemp seeds have long been prized as a high-quality source of plant-based protein and omega fatty acids.

A single serving of hemp seeds, about two heaping tablespoons, provides 10 grams of protein and 10 grams of omegas. Hemp also packs in all nine essential amino acids, which we need to get through diet since our bodies don't produce them naturally. Hemp seed oil, which is the oil derived from pressed hemp seeds, contains the most essential fatty acids of any nut or seed oil.

Of the three main hemp products on the marketseeds, oil, and protein powderhemp seeds will provide the broadest spectrum of nutritional benefits per serving. Hemp is rich in omega fatty acids, which are prone to breaking down and spoiling. The one thing you want to look for when buying a bag of hemp seeds is a totally opaque package that doesn't have a window for you to look at the actual seeds.

A window means the contents of the bag are being exposed to light, which means it's likelier those omegas will spoil quicker and go rancid. Also look for a "packaged on" or "best before" date on the bag and buy the newest product you can find. This will help prolong your hemp seeds' freshness. Once open, put the package or its contents in an airtight container and refrigerate or freeze it to extend the shelf life.

Once opened, you can expect a bag of hemp seeds to last for about a year in the refrigerator or freezer. If you keep a package in your pantry, however, that shelf life will be more like 3 to 4 months.

If you give your bag of seeds a sniff and they smell rancid, toss them. An earlier version of this article stated it is illegal to grow hemp in the U.

Currently, a handful of states have legalized the cultivation and research of industrial hemp, although growers with state-issued permits still require permission from the Drug Enforcement Administration to grow hemp.

We regret the error.

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