How to draw barbie princess

how to draw barbie princess

How to Draw Barbie

Nov 03,  · Hi Cuties, I was so inspired by this beautiful fan art that I got on Instagram @drawsocutebywennie. Thank you for drawing The Secret Door Barbie Princess Ale. Use the initial curved line over the head as a guide to draw the right side of the hair. Darken the right side of the line, but then curve it in toward the forehead and then back out to the right side of the face. It's okay if it overlaps Barbie's eyebrow and ear.

Step Add Barbie's bottom lip by darkening the path of the guide. Draw a similar curved line above it as the mouth opening. Step Darken the initial U-shaped line under the circle to create Barbie's chin and jaw. Don't darken the line above the horizontal construction line because that will what is the lucky number for scorpio covered by Barbie's hair. Step Darken the lines under Barbie's head to for the neck and top part of the shoulders.

Notice how the how to draw barbie princess lines overlap the shoulder lines a bit. Step Barbie's hair can be a little tricky too, so it's also divide into two parts. Use the initial curved line over the head as a guide to draw the right side of the hair.

Darken the right side of the line, but then curve it in toward the forehead and then back out to the right side of the face. It's okay if it overlaps Barbie's eyebrow and how to draw barbie princess. Step Now draw the left side of Barbie's hair by darkening that side of the guide. Add another curved line closer to the face that overlaps the ear for the front part of the hair. No copyright infringement is intended. Privacy Policy Site Map. Incredible Mr.

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Dec 07,  · barbie doll coloring pages Currently, we propose How to Draw Barbie Princess For you, This Post is Similar With Cute Heart Balloons Coloring Page. You need to use These image for backgrounds on computer system with high quality resolution. How To Draw Barbie Princess Coloring Page to Color, Print and Download for Free along with bunch of favorite Barbie Princess coloring page for kids. Simply do online coloring for How To Draw Barbie Princess Coloring Page directly from your gadget, support for iPad, android tab or . Apr 21, - Explore saffan adnan's board "Barbie drawing" on Pinterest. See more ideas about barbie drawing, princess coloring pages, coloring pictures pins.

Colors, beautiful images, castles, elegant dresses and not to forget the beautiful golden tresses, Barbie is not merely a toy but a world of imagination and fantasy which every girl cherishes! A fun way to get your little girl show her creativity is by using our top 25 picks of the best coloring pages of Barbie. Print these fun pages and hand over a pair of gloves and some water colors, felt pens and of course glitter colors.

Watch the magic of Barbie unfold in front of your eyes as your child unleashes her imagination. If you want to club in some craft as well, hand over a pair of scissors, glue and some beautiful beads.

The story of Barbie as Corinne, a young country girl whose dream is to become a musketeer of the royal house of France. She meets three other girls- Viveca, Aramina, and Renee, who share the same dream. These four girls use their special talents to foil a plan and save Prince Louis. This is the story of princess Annika played by Barbie, a sixteen year old girl often seen wearing light purple gowns and her journey to the cloud kingdom with Brietta, the flying horse.

Your child enjoyed the beautiful story and will surely enjoy coloring this beautiful sketch just as much. This one is an adorable video game in which players groom, train, dress and show puppies in a high fashion set up. Here is a beautiful image from the game for your little girl to color with not just fashionable Barbie but even her cute little stylish pup.

Barbie as the island princess is the beautiful tale of a six year old girl shipwrecked on an island. By the time she turns sixteen she becomes a part of the island, speaking animal language, with her best friends Sagi, the red panda; Azul, the peacock and Tika, the baby elephant, by her side.

This coloring page will not only help your child paint human features well but also let her paint these cute animals her way. She is cool, she is funky and she is a superstar. Watch your little girl paint and transform this black and white color sheet into a colorful sheet with gorgeous looking princess Tori and her favorite pop star Keira. The vibrant dressing, funky guitar and gorgeous Barbie are surely a must coloring page your kid would love.

Most certainly you would be more than thrilled to watch your kid replicate the movie scene on this coloring sheet.

Which girl would ever say no to fairy stories? Similarly no girl can ever say no to paint this beautiful image of her favorite Barbie as the wingless flower fairy Elina. The rainbow in the dreams of this Barbie fairy finally turns into the wings of the beautiful fairy. As a little girl how many times did you hear your mom tell you the story of Rapunzel?

She was the princess with beautiful long hair trapped in the tower by the evil witch, waiting to be rescued by her prince charming. Well, you only imagined how beautiful Rapunzel would have been; but here is the divine image of Rapunzel played by Barbie in the movie for your child to color. What we are worried about is, after this painting you may have to keep listening to how your little girl wished she had long beautiful tresses like the Barbie Rapunzel!

If you thought Barbie was all about just being pretty, heavenly and fairy like, here is something that will blow your mind. Here is an image of the purple Barbie fashion fairy, a style diva and a perfect combination of beauty, elegance and style. Add in some sparkles, glitter dust and even some colored stones for this masterpiece to look a piece of real beauty crafted by your kid. This one is a beautiful picture of Barbie doing her ballet under the moonlight.

She creates a magical ambience wearing her magical pink shoes. Lavender, pinks, blues and some sparkles create the magical hue and make it a great barbie coloring sheet for your girl to explore her talent with the brush and paint. You can also have option of barbie coloring pages to print for your kid and watch her create the magic of the fantasy world with her Barbie. We are sure not only will your darling enjoy painting these but will also use these images to create collages — magic boxes and maybe even use these as stencils to do up a unique Barbie T-shirt.

Your little one has started bonding with girls of her age and has made close friends. These childhood friends stay by them all through their life, they become friends forever. This picture celebrates the idea of long term friendship, which makes it so adorable. Your child will identify with these two beautiful little Barbie dolls, and will name them after her close friends. Everyone loves to have fun on the Beach and make sandcastles or sandman.

Here is a picture of stylish looking Barbie dolls in bathing suits having great fun at the beach. This picture will remind your kid of the fun he had at the beach. This picture will bring back fond memories. The fashionable bathing suits will also make your little girl go wow. She will use her imagination and favorite colors to make the bathing suits even more beautiful. It is always fun to play a sport in the weekends.

This Barbie loves horse riding. She wears a smart striped T-Shirt, capris and laced shoes. She also wears a flower in her head that makes her look so chic and feminine. If your child loves horse riding and is an animal lover, she will identify with this picture. The background scenery of this picture is also beautiful and your child will have fun coloring this page.

The Barbie dolls in this picture are having a great time while bathing their cute pup. If you have two daughters at home, one elder and the other younger they will instantly identify themselves with these two Barbie dolls. If your girls are fond of puppies, and if you happen to have a pup at your own home, then this picture is absolutely suitable.

The dolls also look so beautiful, and girls usually love long hair, ribbons and fashionable dress, they will enjoy coloring this picture. This Barbie is wearing a beautiful floral dress and carrying a bunch of flowers in her hand. All girls love flowers and they can associate with this pretty look Barbie with Doe eyes. This is perfect photography for your beautiful little angel at home.

Her imagination will run wild while coloring this page. Girls have an affinity towards cats, especially kittens. If you have a pet kitten at home, you will understand it better. The name of kitten Carp is embossed on the collar. Similarly, your little girl loves your kitten very much and must by tying name collar and multi colored ribbon on his neck. This is a modern Barbie, who wears a short top and shorts and laced canvas shoes. She goes out biking with Ken another popular Barbie character.

This modern character of Barbie is very different from the feminine representation, where Barbie is dressed as a beautiful princess. Your little one must have dreamed aloud often that she wants to ride a bike or scooty when she grows up. Encourage her dreams by allowing her to color this page. Notice what color she is adding to the bike and clothes, maybe she wants tom possess the similar colored bike and matching colored clothes.

Everyone loves to go on a holiday, and this Barbie is not an exception. She goes to Hawaii for a holiday. In this picture we see her wearing a fashionable slit skirt with a garland of blossoms on her neck. She is dancing on the beach.

Your girl will love coloring this fashionable Barbie. Notice her choice of colors; it is a reflection of her imagination and creative mind. Everyone loves to go for a picnic on weekends. In this picture Barbie goes out for picnic with his friend, she also takes her cute pup for company. Barbie carries a music system to make the picnic all the more fun.

The Barbie looks stylish with the star hairband and bathing suit, the entire picnic is on the beach. Her friend has a tattoo on the arm. Both the Barbie dolls look fantastic in their beach look. The background of the picture is also beautiful and your child will love coloring this page. In this picture, the Barbie is blow drying her hair sitting on a high stool.

She is wearing a floral housecoat. We see her cosmetics lined up in the cupboard. She looks beautiful with her long tresses and smiling face. Your little girl will love this picture, she will want to become stylish and beautiful like her when she grows up and own a dressing table with cosmetics and wardrobe. This is perhaps what all girl desires! Girls sometimes take out their favorite dress from the wardrobe and admire it, especially if the dress is new.

This Barbie in the picture also admires her new dress; she plans to wear for a ballet performance. It is a bohemian style laced ballet dress. Ballet is a very graceful dance form which many girls prefer learning.

Many girls start learning ballet at a very young age. You must have seen how your child runs after a colorful butterfly in the garden. Butterflies are soft and delicate; it reflects the beauty and miracles of Mother Nature. Your precious child is also the gift of God and nature. She is like the colorful butterfly yet to spread the wings. You feel thankful to God for gifting you this beautiful little girl in your life. Your little one will love coloring the elf like Barbie that almost resembles her.

Shewill take special care, in coloring the wings of this butterfly Barbie princess.

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