How to do things the right way

how to do things the right way

Make the right way the easy way

Feb 21, †Ј To remain relevant and in order to grow, firms must do the right thing in the right way. Decide what that is, allocate the resources you need to achieve it and develop an implementation plan Author: Jamshid Vayghan. Jun 29, †Ј Especially if you are trying to do the right thing in a professional setting, be conscious of the long-term effects of your actions. Weigh the pros and cons of each outcome. Ask yourself how one result could possibly work better than another. Prepare yourself for any unexpected reactions from others%(84).

Or Just Doing Things Right? This is one of the most excellent critical thinking questions and it is fascinating how a small change in the order of the words, can make such a difference in the meaning! When we hear these words we get the sense right away. There is a really funny scene in the movie Meet The Fockers 1 Ч when Ben Stiller is about to board a flight, in which he is the only passenger waiting to board, and the flight attendant stubbornly calls the order of rows that need to board, so he has to wait his turn regardless.

However, a perfunctory level of effectiveness and productivity is the limit of its positive influence. On the downside, however, it can be boring and be characterized by a lack of creativity and initiative, often tinged with fear and lack of thinking.

Policies can be great at times but miss the mark when humanity and emotional intelligence are needed. Doing the right thing can lead to doing things right and vise versa, where, eventually doing the right thing becomes part of doing things right. So we have been ingrained with learning to do things right, learn by rotewhich puts us in distance from the natural response what foods not to eat when you are breastfeeding Doing The Right Thing.

When a person does the right thing they are being much closer to who they are and they often feel satisfied in a special way I am sure you know what I am talking about. Doing the right thing is a long term strategy and is qualitative by nature while doing things right is tactical often short term inclined. But this will register in them as you being trustworthy and you may have had a short-term loss but a long-term gain as they will buy much more from you in the future.

Another example, you praise someone for a small success they have had and you overlook their deficiencies for a while, as this is the right thing to do for their long-term confidence building. True leadership was meant to be courageous when needed, take risks when needed, and follow procedures when needed. Actions taken by leaders should be a careful consideration of both aspects, the procedural and the instinctive. Not one in favor of the other, but rather a balanced decision, which makes sense and feels right.

I suppose that if we how to change disk brake rotors to how to do things the right way, one of the main differences between managers and leaders is the difference between doing things right and doing the right thing. I think that a charismatic leader develops the knack to do the right thing in the decision-making processЕif they are a how to do things the right way leader, there for the people.

However, from my experience in conducting many teamwork training and leadership seminars in the business world, the majority of managers and leaders alike, often try to do things right, only. This is because of the fact that the fear of punishment has taken over the spirit what the world need is love accountability and in a way defeated real teamwork and the passion that wants to always do the right thing.

This is another tip concerning cohesive functional teamwork and the incredible environment it can create for people to succeed in. So very often leaders think that doing things right is allowing meetings to be boring by nobody really speaking their mind. I have seen it!!! When it comes to teamwork the ability to do the right thing by any member of the team affects the whole team in a powerful and positive way that often sets the tone and commitment at a new and higher level.

In other words, a cohesive team way of doing things right is by being honest enough to always do the right thing, especially by every member of the team.

Simply put, accommodating the need is part of doing business, where trust is ultimate and teamwork is supreme. It manifests in high-level teamwork and incredible effectiveness. Juggling between the two statements in question is a worthwhile endeavor for professionals who wish to evaluate their personal performance or the performance of their teams.

If we lived in a world where people understood that doing the right thing, in the long run, is the best strategic thinking and strategic planning road to take we would have a much better world. This is where a paradigm shift in thinking is necessary to bring about a new level of trust and honesty in the workplace. Eli How to do things the right way. The goals taken at college definitely affect you differently than goals taken when working for a corporation or building your own business for that matter.

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Effecting transformation

Sep 20, †Ј In other words, a cohesive team way of doing things right is by being honest enough to always do the right thing, especially by every member of the team. Simply put, accommodating the need is part of doing business, where trust is ultimate and teamwork is supreme. It manifests in high-level teamwork and incredible effectiveness. Aug 11, †Ј How to Do the Right Thing (Almost) Every Time that people can be encouraged to behave in a way that is consistent with their ethical standards when they take the . The reason to have a platform is that it makes the right way the easy way. In Operations, we often talk about putting in guardrails. In one case, we can turn the developers loose on the AWS.

There were various topics being covered, but one had to do with the configuration of the servers, which was a topic near and dear to my heart. The CISO was talking about how they were going to demand compliance from all appropriate staff that the servers were to be configured in a certain way, with a certain version, etc.

If anyone had a problem with that, then there were other places they could be employed. If necessary, there would be mandatory training This notion of making the right way the easy way has come up time and time again when working with clients on their transformations. Almost always a transformation requires getting people to change the way they operate the business.

A tool they often reach for is a stick. But that ignores the Westrum Generative culture we are hoping to build in high performing organizations. We need to be able to trust that people will make the right decisions because they are closest to the information. Information that reaches the executive level is highly filtered and as a result suited to strategic decisions, not decisions made day to day on the front lines.

If the specific configuration we specify does not meet the specific needs, even though it does not cause any security problems, then we can be hampering the performance of our own organization. In the best case, they will not be able to do their work without being delayed by starting down the long slow line of asking for an exception.

In the worst case, they will bypass the new process, and hide the specific change they have made so that they can still get their job done and not have to jump through hoops. If we make the right way the easy way, then almost anyone who is faced with one of these situations, will almost always choose the way that has been provided for them. There are very few humans who like to go out of their way to take on extra work if they can choose the easier way.

In the case of the CISO above, if we simply provided pre-configured packaged software to the systems engineers, with all the appropriate versions and security configurations, there is very little reason they would have for trying to go out and do all that work from scratch when they could simply install a package.

Today we would do this with containers, but the principle is the same. Why would I want to go and make my own secure or performant, or whatever container from scratch, if I could just use the one that suits my needs provided by the company?

In the case it does not meet my needs, that is a problem that needs to be solved, as easily as is warranted. Because we often talk about DevOps in this column, we can look at some examples from different parts of the business where making the right way the easy way can have a big effect.

We have talked before about how important it is for Operations to facilitate the speed of developers moving software to market. The reason to have a platform is that it makes the right way the easy way.

In Operations, we often talk about putting in guardrails. In one case, we can turn the developers loose on the AWS platform and allow them to spin up databases, virtual machines, queues, etc. In the platform case, we can give them tools to do these things.

Or we can give them a tool to launch an instance with all the right settings configured correctly. With this tool, they only need to choose from a minimal set of requirements so they get exactly what they need. This can also apply to Operations teams.

Have some brand new microservice to be deployed? No problem, just use this tool here and setup your configuration and we will make sure that part is deployed successfully. This also helps the Operations staff to reason about applications either during normal operations, or during an outage. That means less time trying to remember things under stress, less time looking through runbooks trying to find the section on configuration, and much faster Time to Repair TTR for our production installation.

Even our business operations folks can take advantage of this idea. If we have a tweet that has to go out in a specific format, at a specific time of day, would we like to spell out those instructions for someone in marketing to follow to the letter? What if they make a mistake? Should we fire them for being human?

Or can we make the right way the easy way and invest in a marketing automation tool that is designed to post tweets, from templates, with a scheduler? I would much rather schedule a tweet to go out at 2 a. When organizations are going through transformations especially, or even operating normally, there is often a tendency to want to specify exactly what people should do.

Unfortunately, situations are varied, and there is rarely a one size fits all solution. This is not a problem exclusive to technology companies but affects aviation, medicine, and other professions as well. He was previously the head of Site Reliability Engineering SRE for the SolarWinds Cloud companies and is an accomplished systems engineer with over 20 year's experience.

He has led transformations at multiple companies in operational maturity and in a deeper adherence to DevOps thinking. He enjoys time spent as a mentor, speaker and student to so many talented members of the community. Here are the latest Insider stories. More Insider Sign Out. Sign In Register. Sign Out Sign In Register. Latest Insider. Check out the latest Insider stories here. More from the IDG Network. Plan the work, execute the work.

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