How to do disney world in a day

how to do disney world in a day

Disney World in One Day – How to Enjoy the Best Attractions?

How To Enjoy Disney World in One Day and Visit All 4 Parks. Sep 18,  · If you only have one day to explore Disney World, you will likely want to purchase the “Hopper” pass to have unlimited access to all four parks. Here are the rates (at the time of publication) for the various options available: 1-Day Value Ticket for Magic Kingdom – .

But what about if time constraints or budget means that spending a few days at Magic Kingdom et al. Crazy, stupid, exhausting, unrealistic…all words along with a few expletives that were thrown out what is a symptoms of pregnancy considering the thought of exploring Disney World in one day.

Most people how to do disney world in a day Disney will spend at least one day in each of the four parks so how on earth could we even contemplate experiencing the best attractions in less than 24 hours. We had read a few articles of some of our fellow travel blogging friends accomplishing this, so we were up for the challenge.

Here are the four parks in question along with their opening and closing times which essentially gave us the window we were working with. Please note, these hours may vary at different times of the year and these are valid at the time of publication. Here are the rates at the time of publication for the various options available:.

If you are planning on visiting multiple parks throughout the day, we strongly recommend using one of the following public transportation methods:. How do you even begin to contemplate exploring everything Disney World has to offer in just one day? The entire Disney World resort covers 40 square miles, essentially the same size as the city of San Francisco! Trying to accomplish as much as possible in just one day requires plenty of planning, research and a strong desire to achieve the goals you set.

We figured that we had about a hour window to explore Disney World so rather than trying to visit all four parks, our challenge was made a little easier when we decided to visit just three. Easy right? Ok, maybe not given the vast size of these how to do disney world in a day and having to take into consideration travel time between them etc.

More on that aspect later. Anyone visiting Disney World for the first time will certainly want to visit the iconic theme park, Magic Kingdom. As avid what causes muscle tightness in neck and shoulders travelers, the World Showcase at Epcot was another area we just had to experience so this was second on our list and the intriguing prospect of taking a Kilimanjaro Safari meant that Animal Kingdom was added to our itinerary.

Could we have added Hollywood Studios to this itinerary? We spent quite a bit of time exploring Epcot so had we opted against experiencing everything there and also not made lunch reservations at the Rose and Crown Pub, we could what is a bifurcated uterus have visited all four!

Rather than giving a full play by play insight into our visit to each of the three parks, I am going to save that for future posts. However, I will give you a brief synopsis of what we accomplished in each one along with the transition phase to get from one park to the next.

As we mentioned above, our day started bright and early at Magic Kingdom. After parking our vehicle at around AM, we headed through security I will add what is james lange theory this was a breeze at that time! The ferry and monorail are two other alternative transportation methods but at that time, neither of these were open.

The masses of visitors all start scrambling to experience their favorite rides, so where do you even begin? Here are just a few of the rides and attractions that we experienced and again, we will share more details on these later:. Needless to say, there is a myriad of entertaining experiences awaiting visitors to Magic Kingdom and we cannot argue against the fact you could easily spend all day here. However, we were able to walk around the entire park and enjoy a variety of attractions before heading back to the transportation hub on the ferry and then hopping on the monorail to Epcot.

Regardless of your chosen method of transportation to arrive at Epcot, the iconic sight of the geodesic sphere will greet you! Spaceship Earth is one of the many attractions at Epcot and after heading through security, we waited about 25 minutes to take the journey through the dome and enjoy a look at technological advancements over the centuries. Travel in time and explore the history of communication on a ride that takes you from the Stone Age to the computer age.

We quickly realized that Epcot offered a perfect blend of attractions for young and old alike. As avid world travelers, the World Showcase was undoubtedly our highlight attraction. Ready for a bite to eat? Enjoying lunch at the Rose and Crown Pub that we had previously made reservations for was a cool experience and definitely something that we recommend. You will quickly realize that Epcot is far larger than Magic Kingdom in terms of size. Looking at the numbers, Epcot covers around acres and Magic Kingdom is only acres.

This difference is particularly noticeable how to do disney world in a day your legs if you walk all around the World Showcase! If you are heading to Animal Kingdom as we did, you can leave Epcot and hop on the shuttle bus that will take you on the short journey to the entrance.

We arrived at Animal Kingdom shortly after PM and I will be perfectly honest, we were already pretty exhausted! Perhaps this fatigue clouded our experience and overall judgment of Animal Kingdom or maybe it was because of the poor weather we experienced throughout the evening.

As we began our journey around Animal Kingdom, we started to hear that many of the rides were temporarily closed because of the storms throughout the Orlando area.

Unfortunately, the Kali River Rapids ride was one of these that was closed and we had fast-pass tickets for this but our other highlight experience, the Kilimanjaro Safari was still scheduled. We spent a couple of hours walking around and enjoying the sights and sounds of this theme park before heading to the Safari to experience a variety of African animals roaming around the plains.

The Tree of Life is certainly a focal point inside Animal Kingdom and definitely an impressive sight, especially as darkness falls and it is illuminated and an unmistakable attraction. Shortly before PM, we headed back to the bus depot and took the shuttle to Magic Kingdom where we enjoyed the final few minutes of the firework display. What a day!! However, for anyone that claims that Disney World is overrated and a tourist trap, we would certainly argue that this is far from the truth.

Yes, you will spend money! I wish I had had this guide years ago when we visited Disney World for the first time with how to assemble chicco dj baby walker children. The key is to pick the experiences that are most important to you. This is a great guide for those who only have the option of going for one day. I love Disney World.

Have you looked into doing a Disney How to do disney world in a day I have a ton of trip reviews for when we went to Alaska. I am super impressed! Arrive early and by boat is absolutely the best way to go. I used to love leaving the park just as people were arriving, heading to a water park then hitting up the fireworks at night. Im tired just reading this! Next time need to get to Animal Kingdom!

Great post! This is indeed a great place of happiness for everyone for kids or for adults! So much to do at Disney How to do disney world in a day yes kinda exhausting but it is more happy memories to earn with the family! Nicely written everything. I really liked it. Way of description is too good. I am amazed that you attempted 3 parks and what is the best air conditioner temperature setting was interesting to read what you thought about the experience!

I wonder how far you walked that day? Most people would only ever attempt a maximum of 2 parks in how to get a buzz cut day. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Yes, Epcot is a large park, but it can be fully enjoyed in one day at a moderate pace. Do Future World in the morning, and then World Showcase starting at lunchtime. (Both lunch and dinner should be eaten in World Showcase, in my opinion.). Oct 07,  · On a fairly recent Walt Disney World family trip we went a slightly different route than usual in regards to our planning itinerary. Instead of our typical 7 day Walt Disney World itinerary, our trip consisted of a 4 day itinerary for the parks which was honestly something we’ve only done on . Dec 11,  · Types of Disney World Tickets. Disney World park tickets come in basically four varieties. First, there are “standard” one park per day tickets. These tickets allow you access to any of the four Disney World parks on each day of your visit (one park per day). You can visit the same park multiple days, if you choose.

Can you effectively do all of Walt Disney World in just four days? You bet! To make it the absolute best, I recommend upgrading your passes to a park-hopper. Plan to visit the parks on the days when each is open the longest for you. Take note that if you are not staying on-property, the Extra Magic Hours will not apply to you. In fact if you are staying off-property you may actually want to avoid the park that has Extra Magic Hours because it could be more crowded.

You can use the My Disney Experience app for this, but I prefer to print out a hard copy. Highlight the things that you want to do. If you are quick and efficient, you can add some of Adventureland in on this day as well. Magic Kingdom is a big place, so try to knock out each land in sequence instead of wasting time running back and forth across the park.

Day Two — Epcot. After a busy first day, take it down a notch with a trip to Epcot. Yes, Epcot is a large park, but it can be fully enjoyed in one day at a moderate pace. Do Future World in the morning, and then World Showcase starting at lunchtime.

Both lunch and dinner should be eaten in World Showcase, in my opinion. Walk all the pavilions in the afternoon, then come back to finish up any part of Future World that you missed in the evening before IllumiNations.

Day Three — Hollywood Studios. Again, this day can be taken at a more relaxed — but still intentional — pace. Be sure to pause for street shows, and plan dining and ride times around major show times. If that is the case for your family, this is a great time to use your hopper to head back to Magic Kingdom in the early evening. Day Four — Animal Kingdom. After that, work your way around systematically in whatever way suits you best.

At closing, hop over to either finish Magic Kingdom or to do repeats of your favorites. Step Three: Reservations. For dining, use your best discernment. Table service places are going to cost you more time and money , but if food is important to your group they may be worth it to you. By the way, eating earlier than normal will help you avoid the rush.

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