How to discipline my 8 year old daughter

how to discipline my 8 year old daughter

Sassy Kids: How to Deal With a Mouthy Child

Jun 08, †Ј Take a time out: By the time your child is two, time outs can be an effective discipline tool, say the experts at the Canadian Paediatric Society. If your tot angrily whacks his playmate over the head, take him to a designated time-out area where he can calm down and get control of himself. I have an 8-year-old daughter and I have had some past issues with kids and feel a lot of guilt. So I really find it hard to believe that strict. But now it has got a little bit of control. She back talks to both me and my fiance like garbage we continue to try to do nice things for her. I .

Our parenting skills and methods need to adjust how to clean down sleeping bag our kids age. Here you will learn effective ways to train and discipline your elementary aged child. Children in this age group the latency stage of childhood development begin to demonstrate some characteristics that distinguish them from the previous stage including among others : a focus on rules, black and white thinking, a reality rather than fantasy orientation, a desire to socialize in groups and the creation of social hierarchies.

Here are some suggestions for providing discipline and training for your six, seven or eight year old:. Laura is a licensed clinical social worker with a specialization in children and families. CfP is the place she combines some of her very favorite how to booking bus ticket writing, parenting and God's word. She loves encouraging parents to build their families upon Jesus, the one true Cornerstone.

She is happily married to a wonderfully supportive husband and is the mother of two delightfully inspiring children. I have a son 7yrs old,he is very behind to all his classmate,he cannot read and write much but he refuse to be teach,he always play outside oir house with his friends,he is hardly learn his school work. I would start by asking the school to do some educational assessments on your son to see if there are any underlying learning issues. I am sorry to hear of the struggles in your family.

If you feel that this is something that cannot be safely or effectively done on your own, I would employ the help of a counselor who has experience in family relations or mediation. My 7 yr old daughter is having problems in school.

Not wanting to do her work, talking and being disruptive, and even tried to throw her unfinished classwork in the trash so she didnt have to how to discipline my 8 year old daughter it home to finish. She has already had hockey taken away from her. We dont watch much tv period, dont even have cable, and she doesnt get much time with the electronics ipadusually only on the weekends. She has lost recesses, i have put her to bed early, and have taken away her fun weekend with grandma.

I dont know what else to do for her to grasp the concept of personal responsibility. I dont like yelling, and rarely spank her, but i feel like i am running out of options and am at my wits end. I am a single parent, but she does get to see her dad twice a month until we move out of state this summer. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated. Thank you so much for your time. I would suggest that you have a meeting with the school.

I would have a lot of questions for them such as: Where are her strengths and weaknesses in school? Is she struggling in any subjects? What is her attitude toward school work? Does she need some modifications to help her complete her work? It is likely that she is avoiding work for a reason Ч not just to be difficult. I would also suggest working with the teacher to come up with some sort of plan for accountability Ч a form that goes daily between home and school so that you can communicate about her progress.

But first I would try to see if there are any academic issues that could be addressed. I have been told that she a very bright child.

She loves to read, and she can do the math homework easily, well, when she wants to anyway. She loves to write stories, but dislikes her writing homework.

Her teacher sends me daily progress reports via how to discipline my 8 year old daughter. I was thinking of giving her a chore something easy like sweeping the kitchen, and i would help her pick the stuff up into the dustpanand letting her earn stickers for doing a good job, especially if she listens and does what is asked of her. I would love to let her earn time for riding her bike. We have started doing a quick 10 minute jog in the morning her doctors advice to help burn some energy early.

This started being a real issue since she has been doing regular visitations with her father. She used to talk about him, and she stopped about 8 months ago. Her teacher says she talks about everyone but him lately. We will be moving later this year, so i am hoping that once she gets in a more steady atmosphere that she will perk up a bit.

We are stable in our current location, but how to discipline my 8 year old daughter am interested to see in what ways she changes once she stops seeing her dad. I really do hope he isnt part of the issue, but that has been the only big change since this problem started. Thanks for the input. It sounds like you are on the right track Ч I think the morning jog is a great idea.

My first suggestion would be to investigate why the child is talking. Can you have a meeting with the teacher to find out more about the situation? Your child may feel bored or under-challenged. If so, the teacher can provide some enrichment that might be engaging.

Or maybe your child could have a seat change. Frequent breaks to get up and walk around might use how to discipline my 8 year old daughter pent up energy that is coming out with words. Finding out why and then using that information would be more effective then just punishment for the behavior. I have a 8 year old daughter whose very smart and talented. I try to discipline her, but she has temper tantrum.

I even spanked her and put her in time out, but it seem to get worse please help meЕ. I wrote and article a while back on the subject of lying. You can read the article here. Make sure you read all the way to the end of the article as there are additional links for resources that I think might be helpful for you. I am currently struggling with my 8 year old son with his very very very bad behavior.

He keeps lying and hurting other people. I am sorry to hear about your sturggles with your son. You could read a book on the subject, but I think it would be a good idea to get more direct help. This organization can direct you to a trained Nurtured Heart Practitioner in your area. This would provide you hopefully with some contacts that you could work with directly in your area. Hi I have a question. All the things I have tried are time outs, taking toys away, taking special outgoings away,chores, writing sentences.

Can you please give me some other methods. Or ideas. Thanks for stopping by. I can appreciate your frustration Ч it is hard when nothing seems to work. While everything you tried can be effective interventions, they all seem to be focused on what she is doing wrong how to get toned in 2 weeks negative consequences. For some children, this can lead to an increase in undesireable behaviors rather what is triple bottom line reporting in australia a decrease.

I would suggest an about-face in how you address her negative behaviors and focus how to deal with a loved one with bipolar disorder the positive. This article is a great place to start.

You might also want to read this and this to help you get into the spirit of encouraging the positive that you see. But what if the problem is refusing to follow directions? Being late may not bother her, but being the only kid in pajamas might. Simply tell her the night before that you will be leaving for school at a certain time and she will be going in whatever clothes she has on at the time.

You can take a change of clothes and discretely hand it to the teacher in case she wants to change after you leave. If you decide to go this route, make sure you are resolved to do it. She needs to know you mean business. And as the above article states, you can always implement a behavior chart to address this issue of following directions.

HI,this is my first look at this website. Recomended to me by a lobing friend. I am having problems with my eight year old. I jave treid a lot of different ways to get her into her own bed,to no avail. I am a single mother,in march of her step father left us. He had cancer.

He passed in dec. Of course she rembers these tragic times and uses the excuse that she is afraid that im gonna dieЕAlso things always jave to go her way or she jas a temper tantrumЕ i need some helpЕgot any suggestions.

Hi Shelley Ч Thanks how to discipline my 8 year old daughter stopping by. Transitioning children to their own space can be hard, particularly after a loss.

I would start slow. Tell your daughter that you understand her need to be close but that you need your space as well. You can start by putting i have hazel eyes what color eyeshadow sleeping bag on the floor of your room.

Tell her she can sleep there, but not in your bed. After a period of adjustment to that phase, you can move the sleeping bag into the hallway. You can do this in progressive steps moving her toward her own room.

Once she is in her room, let her have some control of the setting.

What to do about lying

Communities > Child Behavior > How to discipline my 8 year old daughter. Aa. A. A. A. Close Child Behavior Community k Members How to discipline my 8 year old daughter ruek. I am a fahter of one. This school year, my daughter who is in first grade has been doin great with her school work going through the 2nd quarter. Jan 02, †Ј First off, don't speak with disrespect towards her or others. Model the behavior you want her to have. Spend time alone with her and compliment her on good qualities. If attitude starts on her. Mar 01, †Ј What to do about lying. Stay calm, and don't take it personally. Instead, use it as an opportunity to teach her about honesty. Find out why she's covering up. When you ask your grade-schooler to explain why she lied about leaving the gate open, .

When kids get saucy or snarky, our own maturity gets put to the test. Here are nine tips for coping. Holly Bennett May 11, See, How much does backtalk bother you?. And even worse, sometimes we get sidetracked by the backtalk or snarky tone, away from our original Ч and more important Ч focus, says psychologist Anthony Wolf, author of five parenting books, including the perfectly named teen guide Get Out of My Life, But First Could You Drive Me and Cheryl to the Mall?

After an initial protest, he reluctantly gets up to do it. Which tells Colin that being obnoxious is a great way to get out of chores. Parents also worry that mouthy kids will carry the habit with them into adulthood. Neither scenario is likely, our experts agree. Yes, sometimes children say hurtful things. If we take everything as a personal affront, we may sabotage the relationship. Also, notes Wolf, telling children that they are hurting us with their words gives them too much power.

At certain stages of their childhood, some kids will be saucy or downright rude even if we are unfailingly respectful Ч and that makes us feel doubly wronged. Why would she treat me that way? But in the long term, our own behaviour does give our children the pattern for how we want them to end up.

Kammermayer and Wolf agree that this is a key parental strategy. Kids sometimes act provocatively in order to provoke us. How do you disengage?

Often it means physically leaving the scene. But it is not the same as ignoring, cautions Kammermayer. Kids do need to know when their behaviour is inappropriate.

When you want to talk to me nicely, you can come and join me. The second puts you in control. Boone-Layzell has learned this is the best strategy when her eight-year-old son becomes bossy and rude.

Kids do need to learn to stand up for themselves, to express anger or other difficult emotions, and to argue a point in an appropriate, assertive but respectful way. Let your kids know that when they make a decent effort to be civil, you will make the effort to listen to their point of view. But give them the same choice next time. The middle ground between overreacting and not setting limits can be hard for some parents to find. Occasionally, observes Wolf, he sees kids who verbally bully their parents.

Disengaging is not the same as letting kids say whatever they want to us. At times, all our hard work, modelling, limit setting and explaining truly seem to be falling on deaf ears. But growing up takes time. Her responses have run the gamut from humour to stopping the conversation to admittedly ineffective threats to cut TV time. But she thinks the most important thing she does is stay in touch. Remember also that preschoolers are still learning to express their feelings in words, rather than screams and kicks.

School-agers 6Ч8 This is a fairly quiet stage from a developmental point of view, but temperament and individual personality will have a large effect on how much push-back you get from your school-ager. Preteens and young teens 9Ч14 Let the games begin. Even kids who have always been sweet will likely give it to you now. But stay the course. Teens will go to great lengths to prolong an argument, but what we want to demonstrate is that being obnoxious gets them nothing Ч not even a satisfying fight!

I hate her! Discipline Discipline guide: Attitude adjustment When kids get saucy or snarky, our own maturity gets put to the test. The rolled eyes. The shouted insult. The muttered, dismissive whatever. Whether the offender is four or 14, when our kids dish out the backtalk, our temperatures rise.

Read on. Role-model At certain stages of their childhood, some kids will be saucy or downright rude even if we are unfailingly respectful Ч and that makes us feel doubly wronged.

Disengage Kammermayer and Wolf agree that this is a key parental strategy. Have faith At times, all our hard work, modelling, limit setting and explaining truly seem to be falling on deaf ears. How much does backtalk bother you? Joseph Communications uses cookies for personalization, to customize its online advertisements, and for other purposes.

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