How do i cut a kitchen worktop

how do i cut a kitchen worktop

Use your clamps to clamp the rail in position and set the saw blade to mm deep. Always start the saw away from the material and once running at full speed and starting from the front edge of the worktop cutting towards the back slowly cut the worktop. May 09,  · Alan Holtham shows you how to cut a neat worktop joint using a jig and routerAuthor: Alan Holtham.

Each tool serves a different purpose and provides a different level of finish. Importantly, having new, how to use group by in access sharp blades in each will also help you achieve the best finish.

I always cut edges that will be seen, joined to another worktop or finished with an edging strip with a high speed Router because this will give you a perfect machine finished edge like you would get in the workshop. Often I will cut the counter roughly to length with a circular saw because it is quicker. Doing this may make it easier to move the heavy worktops around - especially if I am scribing one end in to a wall and working alone. It is not neat enough to be seen as a finished edge though no matter how fine your blade.

A circular saw can chip the Formica surface, may leave teeth marks and a less perfect edge, so I only use how to find teachers edition of books when rough cutting to length or when the edge will be unseen - covered by tiles for example. It is also possible to use a circular saw to carefully cut the hob or sink recess out as those edges will ddo covered. Not everybody has a Plunge saw as they can be expensive to own if you are not going to use it regularly enough.

But this type of saw will make setting hos and cutting worktop to length so much quicker, neater and more accurate than a standard circular saw. First check the wall is perfectly square with a large framing square. If not you will need to allow for this when marking out. Unless you have a plunge saw with guide rail you will need wkrktop cut the worktop upside down when using a circular saw. Circular saw blades cut in an upwards direction so doing this this will prevent the blade tearing the face of the counter as it comes through the surface of the counter top.

As the worktop is upside down, it will cut cleanly through the good side and tear up the bottom how to critique a narrative essay will not be seen. To start, turn the worktop upside down and have the front edge Bullnose for example facing you.

Mark out the measurements remembering to allow extra if the wall isn't square, ensure the worktop is supported well and will not move once the cut is made including the scrap side. This is important because otherwise as you get most of the way through the last part may break rather than cut if not supported correctly.

It is worth clamping a straight edge on and using that as a guide to ensure the cut is perfectly straight. In this instance you will need to measure the distance from the saw blade how do i cut a kitchen worktop the saws base how do i cut a kitchen worktop will slide along the straight how do i cut a kitchen worktop. Check the straight edge wogktop in the correct position by setting the blade depth at zero flush with the bottom of the saw base and placing against the straight edge at each end of the cut front and back of the counter.

Once happy, make several passes is usually enough getting deeper each time. If you have a plunge saw, Great! You don't need to turn the worktop upside down before cutting it. If the worktops are a dark color although sometimes I will do this anyway, place a strip of masking tape on the worktop where you need to mark it.

This will make the pencil lines woektop more visible. Next, place the rail up to the pencil line so it is on the side that you are keeping. Use your clamps to clamp the rail in position and set the saw blade to mm deep. Always start the saw away from the material and once running at full speed and starting kitchem the front edge of the worktop workktop towards the back slowly cut the worktop. You will need to make passes getting slightly deeper each time until workotp have cut the worktop all the way through.

If you can use it often enough to justify the cost you should definitely treat yourself to a plunge saw! Amazon sell Plunge Saws click here to see the latest deals.

The picture above shows my marking out for a cut I'm making with a router. This edge will be seen and slightly hangover the edge of the base cabinet. It is really important to remember to allow for an end panel if one is being installed and not yet fitted to the cabinet. This is the end of my base cabinet including the end panel that will cover it.

Don't forget to allow for the kitchhen of an end panel or anything else before cutting to length! Here I've added 15mm how to get financial help for starting a business the length of the cabinet which is where I want to make the cut.

Now I've measured back from the cut edge the distance from the edge of my router cutter to the edge of the router base that will slide along the straight edge. Use the round part of the router base not the flat section.

Clamp a straight how do i cut a kitchen worktop like a worktop jig or a spirit level to this line. In order to check the guide is in the right place, set the cutter so it is flush with the routers base plate. Place the router against the straight edge and check it is perfect at both ends, adjust if neccessary. Set the depth of the cutter to mm and when the router is at full speed start to cut worktop to length by sliding the router along the straight edge.

Make several passes getting deeper each time until all the way through. The router should move through the worktop very easily, if you need to push it too hard then you are cutting too deep and the straight edge may move under the pressure. Adjust the blade so it is less deep.

What's New? Recent Articles:. Top 10 Basic Carpentry Skills every newbie should master. How to hang a door cuy. How to cut worktop to length with a plunge saw If you have a plunge saw, Great!

Dec 22,  · Jigsaw with blade that cuts on down-stroke pendulum action to zero push down hard on saw so it doesnt jump upwards tape the worktop to protect it from jigsaw foot high blade speed slow forward movement finish with sharp plane or sandpaper depending on how well you can cut a straight line.

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Best way to cut kitchen worktop? Masking tape top, fine toothed jigsaw blade? As above but if you dont have a plunge saw or router Jigsaw with blade that cuts on down-stroke If your going to follow "dryliner essex" advice may i offer a few suggestions. If it's in-situ use a jigsaw, a router will create unbelievable dust!

If its in situ, I'd be interested to learn how to cut the worktop right back to the wall with any of the above. The worktop really needs to come out. Once out it can be easily cut with a decent hand saw and then preferably skim over the edge with the router to get a good enough edge to apply edging. Jigsaw and if you want a fein for the last little bit. Captain Leaky , Dec 20, True enough Routing indoors Crikey cordless Just get on top of it yes, sit on the worktop , use a sharp handsaw.

You can get right up to the wall and if it's under tiles at the back, break it off and chisel it clean. If you want, you can screw a straight bit of 2" x 2" to the waste side on your cut line as a guide, and then maybe you'll just have to smooth it to get a good finish.

Have ya done it yet? Handyandy - really. Handyandy , Dec 20, The OP was asking the 'best way', I suppose you could define 'best' as: easiest-quickest-cheapest etc. I agree that my way would be a bit long winded, especially as one side would have to be flipped over for the router.

I'd also probably go with the dreaded metal edges if its a cooker in a gap. With a freestanding cooker its best to fit aluminium edges anyway so as long as the cut is half decent the edge will be covered.

Apologies to mr handyandy!! I should have had a better look around before I registered the name. Its just I've had the nickname for about 50 yrs and have used it on other forums for years, so its kind of second nature.

Just use a normal circular saw and hand saw the last inch on the 4 corners. Jim RRS , Dec 22, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content.

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