Billy crystal what the stars are thinking 2012

billy crystal what the stars are thinking 2012

Billy Crystal

Mar 02, †Ј Billy Crystal reads the minds of the audience and tells us what the stars are thinking at the 84th Academy Awards in Nov 11, †Ј The newly announced host of the Academy Awards has hosted the telecast eight times, accumulating a collection of funny moments from movie montages to УWhat the Stars Are Thinking.Ф With the.

William Edward Crystal billy crystal what the stars are thinking 2012 March what is meant by an array, [1] [2] is an American actor, comedian, singer, writer, producer, director, and television host.

He provided the voice of Mike Wazowski in the Monsters, Inc. He has hosted the Academy Awards nine times, beginning in and most recently in After graduating from Long Beach High School in[9] Crystal attended Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginiaon a baseball scholarship, [3] having learned the game from his father, who pitched for St. John's University. He studied acting at HB Studio. Crystal returned to New York City.

For four years, he was part of a comedy trio with two friends. They played colleges and coffee houses and Crystal worked as a substitute teacher on Long Island. InCrystal appeared on an episode of All in the Family. I knew that you could. To this day, he holds the Pyramid franchise's record for getting his contestant partner thinkimg the top of the pyramid in winner's circle in the fastest time: 26 seconds. Crystal's earliest prominent role was as Jodie Dallas on Soapone of the first unambiguously gay characters in the cast of an American television series.

When Crystal arrived to shoot the fifth episode, he learned it had been canceled after only the first two aired. InCrystal was the guest star of the third episode of Muppets Tonight and hosted three Grammy Awards Telecasts: the 29th Grammys; the 30th Grammys; and the 31st Grammys.

InCrystal co-starred alongside Josh Gad on the FX comedy series The Comedianswhich ran for just one season before being canceled. Crystal's first film role was in Joan Rivers ' film Rabbit Testthe billy crystal what the stars are thinking 2012 of the "world's first pregnant man. He shared the scene with a then-unknown, non-speaking Dana Carveystating famously that "Mime is money. Reiner got Crystal to accept the part by saying, "How would you like to play Mel Brooks?

The thinkint has since become an iconic classic for the genre and is Crystal's most celebrated film. Crystal then starred in the award-winning buddy comedy City Slickerswhich proved very successful both commercially and critically billy crystal what the stars are thinking 2012 for which Crystal was nominated for his second Golden Globe.

The film was followed by a sequel, which was less successful. Inhe narrated Dr. The name of his company is Face Productions. Following the significant success of these films, Crystal wrote, directed, and starred in Mr. Saturday Night and Forget Paris In the former, Crystal played a serious role in aging makeup, as an egotistical comedian who reflects back on his career.

Crystal starred in Woody Allen 's critically acclaimed comedy ensemble film Deconstructing Harry More recent performances include roles in America's Sweetheartsthe sequel Analyze Thatand Parental Guidance Crystal was originally asked to voice Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story but turned it down, a decision he later regretted due to the popularity of the series.

Due to the success of Crystal's standup and SNL career, inhe released an album of his stand-up material titled Mahvelous! The video features Lamas cruising around in what was at the time the world's longest stretch limousine, built by custom-coach designer and builder Vini Bergeman[29] surrounded by models in bikinis.

InCrystal released his autobiographical memoir Still Foolin' Em. Crystal hosted the Academy Awards broadcast a total of 9 times, from to, and billy crystal what the stars are thinking 2012 His hosting was critically praised, resulting in two Primetime Emmy Award wins for hosting and writing the 63rd Academy Awards and an Emmy win for writing the 64th Academy Awards.

He returned as the host for the Oscar ceremonyafter Eddie Murphy resigned from hosting. Film critic Roger Ebert said when Crystal came onstage about two hours into the show, he got the first laughs of the broadcast. Crystal won the Tony Award for Best Special Theatrical Event for Sundaysgilly two-act, one-man playwhich he conceived and wrote about his parents and his childhood growing up on Long Island.

Following the initial success of the play, Crystal wrote the book Sundays for Warner Bookswhich bily published on October 31, In the fall ofhe brought the show back to Broadway for a two-month run at the Imperial Theatre. HBO filmed the January 3Ч4, performances for a special, which debuted on their network on April 19, In his tribute he talked about their friendship, saying, "As genius as he was on stage, he was the greatest friend you could ever imagine.

For almost 40 years, he was the brightest star in the comedy galaxyЕ[His] beautiful light will continue to shine on us forever. What a concept. InCrystal gave one of the eulogies for Muhammad Ali at his funeral.

In his remembrance of Ali, Crystal talked about his admiration for Ali as a boxer, and humanitarian. He also shared stories of their unlikely friendship after Crystal did a series of impersonations of him. Crystal stated of Ali's legacy, "Only once in a thousand years or so, do we get to hear a Mozartor see a Picassoor read a Shakespeare.

Ali was one of them. And yet, at his heart, he was still a kid from Louisville who ran with the gods and walked with the crippled and smiled at the foolishness of it all. Crystal is known for his numerous roles in film and television.

He then executive produced and starred in the western comedy film, City Slickers He then wrote, directed and starred in the show business drama, Mr. Saturday Night in Crystal's personal history is featured in the "Finding Our Families, Finding Ourselves" exhibit in the genealogy wing of the museum.

On March 12,Crystal signed a one-day minor league contract to play with the New York Yankeesand was invited to the team's major league spring training. He wore uniform number 60 in honor of his upcoming 60th birthday. He managed to make contact, fouling a fastball up the first base line, but was eventually struck out by Pirates pitcher Paul Maholm on six pitches and was later replaced in the batting order by Johnny Damon. Crystal's boyhood idol was Yankee Hall of Fame legend Mickey Mantle who had signed a program for him when Crystal attended how to borrow money from the bank game where Mantle had hit a home run.

Years later on The Dinah Shore Showin one fhe his first television appearances, Crystal met Mantle in person and had Mantle re-sign the same program.

Crystal would be good friends billy crystal what the stars are thinking 2012 Mickey Mantle until Mantle's death in In his crysta, Still Foolin' 'EmCrystal writes that after the ceremony, near the Yankee clubhouse, he was punched in the stomach by Joe DiMaggiowho was angry at Crystal for not having introduced him to the crowd as the "Greatest ths player".

Crystal also was well known for his impressions of Yankee Hall what does the countif function do in excel Famer turned broadcaster Phil Rizzuto.

Instead, Crystal joined the broadcasters in the booth and pretended to be Rizzuto for a few minutes during the August 31st game. Although a lifelong Yankee fan, [59] he is a part-owner how to feel the music the Arizona Diamondbacks bolly, even earning a World Series ring in when the Diamondbacks beat his beloved Yankees.

In the film Running Scaredhis thhe is an avid Chicago Cubs fan, wearing a Cubs' jersey in several scenes. Crystal appeared in Ken Burns 's documentary Baseballtelling personal stories about his life-long love of baseball, including meeting Casey Stengel as a child and Ted Williams as an adult.

Crystal is also a longtime Los Angeles Clippers fan and season ticket holder. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American actor, comedian, singer, writer, producer, director and television host. For the political analyst, see Bill Kristol. Janice Goldfinger. Main crysta, Billy Hwat filmography. Main article: List of awards and nominations received by Billy Crystal. Grand Central Publishing. ISBN Sunday Number One. I'm born. February 27, The New Crystsl Times. Retrieved November 5, Archived from the original on June 24, Retrieved January 16, CBS News.

Woman's Day. Archived from the original on October 23, Hudson Union Society. Retrieved February 1, hilly Retrieved December 4, Retrieved April th, Still Foolin' Em. Henry Holt and Company. Film Journal International. Archived from the original on September 6, Retrieved September 6, Inside the Actors Studio.

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Billy in the Movies (): Classic example of Crystal as a character in several of the films being celebrated, plus a little song and dance. Billy the Psychic (): Billy lets the audience in on УWhat the Stars are Thinking.Ф RELATED: PHOTOS: Billy Crystal at the Oscars. With Billy Crystal hosting, have the Oscars given up on youth? Х Crystal, a big baseball fan, joked about the drawn-out process of selling L.A.Тs embattled baseball team thatТs up for sale: УYou know what IТm thinking?Ф he asked the rich stars in. Nov 10, †Ј Billy Crystal Will Host the Oscars start figuring out what rhymes with descendants, Marc Shaiman), maybe that mid-show break where he tells you what the stars are thinking.

Oscar producers Brian Grazer and Don Mischer may have had a handful of reasons to go for somebody younger or fresher Ч some of them are the same reasons why the motion picture academy hired Brett Ratner in the first place Ч but those reasons stopped being very important as this week's events unfolded.

And when Grazer took over the reins from the exiting Ratner on Wednesday afternoon, he really just had one big priority:. I didn't think they needed to move so fast, but the immediate booking of Crystal sends the message that the Oscars needed to send: That Ratner mess is behind us, and we're in good hands. And clearly, the opportunity to be the Oscars' savior is huge for Crystal, who has only hosted the show once in the last 11 years, and not at all since The guy always got a standing ovation when he walked onstage at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion or the Shrine Auditorium, but can you imagine what the applause is going to be like this year at the Kodak?

Also read: He's Back! Billy Crystal Will Host the Oscars If the immediate reaction among Academy members I spoke to was more of a sign of relief than the buzz of excitement, that's okay: After the chaotic events of this week, being able to breathe that sigh of relief is huge for everybody within AMPAS. Crystal's return to the gig he more-or-less patented in his eight previous times onstage will no doubt change the show that Mischer was beginning to lay out with Ratner.

Maybe they won't be shaking up the Academy Awards so much after all. Maybe this will be a year for some Oscar-night tradition to go along with new efforts in promotion and marketing Ч innovation offstage, not on. Meanwhile, a good number of those writers that Ratner announced as being the team that'll pen material for Eddie Murphy will no doubt be leaving along with Murphy. And even though Bruce Vilanch was conspicuously absent from Ratner's list or Oscar scribes, something tells me he'll need to find a new t-shirt to go with his tux Feb.

Also, the motion picture academy might want to forget about any of those pipe dreams they had of a show lasting only three hours, or Of all the recent Oscar hosts, Crystal devours and, you could say, deserves the most airtime: his multi-part entrance, which typically consisted of a film and then a dramatic entrance and then a monologue and then a song, often pushes the first award of the night past the minute mark.

Still, I imagine that Billy's Oscar-night comfort food will go down easy for those who couldn't stomach Ratner. So keep an eye out for those Crystal mainstays: the film clip, the parody song medley clear your schedule and start figuring out what rhymes with descendants , Marc Shaiman , maybe that mid-show break where he tells you what the stars are thinking.

But right now, you don't need a Vilanch-scripted gag to tell you what the Academy's thinking:. I agree with TheWrap's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and provide my consent to receive marketing communications from them.

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